Many of the world's most secretive special forces are the Iraqi skull-faced commandoes, and even the Russian death squads are terrifying clandestine units.

Modern armies have their current technology and equipment, but it takes specialized and skilled troops who do it down and dirty One example is the fanatical ISIS, a recent victim of the most skilled soldiers in the Middle East, who ensured that no fanatic would be left alive.

The Golden Division troops

A group of specialist US special operations specialists called the Golden Division who in the summer of 2014 had combated the Islamic State in Mosul. 

According to The Sun UK, they took down the group by fighting step by step to recapture villages taken by the group. They are also called the Iraq elite Counter Terror Service, wearing all black and even blacker Humvees; their members wear skull masks or skull balaclavas with skull symbols as their signature look.

Trained to fight jihadis and precisely combat terrorists, we set up this obscure unit right after the Iraqi Invasion.

Candidates were explicitly chosen from the Iraqi security services; given training to deal with terrorism from the formation of the secret squad at the beginning as one of the world's most secretive special forces.

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According to US general Mick Bednarek, describing the unit as the lead in dealing with ISIS, every man would be given world-class training as a US Army ranger, cited the Daily Star.

One of the unit's commanders, General Talib Shaghati al-Kinani, said one of the Golden Division's missions was done by one member. He was tasked to help take out an ISIS unit that slew his family.

The unknown soldier said ISIS killed everyone, and he went in and infiltrated the terror jihadis, and was dressed the same, noted the Independent.

In a week, he took them out and blew up everyone, one of the units' members that did many missions unrewarded. Word got out that 1,000 troops were needed, but more applied. It has become a top unit, even called celebrities with a Facebook page compared to other Iraqi units.

Other secret special forces

Russia's own Alpha Group is a spy, counter-terrorism, and commando unit that is not messed with. To become a member is to pass the most grueling fitness test and fisticuffs as the passing test to become an Alpha member. It gained fame for the lead assault in Kabul in 1979 when the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan.

One officer said that all people in the palace were to be slain. Rustam Tursunkulov said they had to follow no option but that. Over the years, Alpha has done questionable acts; it was formed in 1974 after the Black September attacks.

The SAS trained a unit in Afghanistan; they will fight to the last man to free Afghanistan as their promise, called the last line of defense against the Taliban.

Another is the Israeli unit, Shayetet 13, similar to the US Navy Seals; anti-insurgent specialists, maritime demolitions, including search and rescue.

It is so covert that it references 'people of silence.' Only one of the world's most secretive special forces is ghosts.

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