The US practiced attack drills with ten nuclear bombers driving tensions in Eastern Europe sky-high. This the Kremlin called a dire threat against Russia that will have a proper response to match it.

Moscow was not pleased with the mock nuclear attack that was only 20-kilometers from its air defense zone. The Kremlin put security forces on the alert because of the detection of the bombers close to their territory.

Russia reacts to increased US activity

Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, stated the Kremlin is alarmed at the flurry of American tactical bombers flying close to the air defense identification zones (ADIZ). A total of thirty flights were recorded in one month, reported the Sun UK. 

He alleged that in 2021 its activity increased by 2.5 times more than in 2020, adding it was a practice nuclear strike done by the US bomber this month.

Mr. Shoigu said that the US military drill called 'Global Thunder' involved ten US tactical bombers tasked with launching nuclear weapons from the west and east directions onto targets in Russia, cited The Daily Star. The closest to the state border is 20-kilometers.

The air defense units spotted and tracked the plane's flight path, also an effort to prevent any unnecessary episodes.

The ministry noted his comments saying that NATO activity will include having nuclear-enabled units on the horn and ready for action at a moment's notice.

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The Pentagon speaks

Immediately the Pentagon retorted and insisted the drills were known as a matter of protocol and international law. Washington has taken the side of Ukraine as the border might have Russian units rumbling over for a Crimea 2.0. But Putin vehemently denied there are such designs and shot back at the US for provocativeness.

The Pentagon representative, Anton Semelroth, spoke on its behalf to clarify the issues. He stated the missions were announced in public, with coordination with all the agencies responsible for such operations to make sure all the requirements were complied with by everyone.

Both sides had their top brass like Mark Miley and Valery Gerasimov holding high ranks, who had a conversation on the phone for that matter. Nothing was revealed from these high-level talks, noted the Japan Times.

The exercise for this year included the B-52 Strato Fortress that runs along its paces. The body tasked is the US Strategic Command that uses this drill to keep US forces ready.

President Vladimir Putin recalled last week's interception, and he was very displeased that the bombers had gotten close with nukes that got too close to the border.

He remarked that NATO and the US are not heeding his red lines and consider it too lightly regarded. Mr. Putin said to tread the red line very seriously.

Mr. Shoigu spoke to Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe and had this to say of importance. He told his counterpart that the US flights were a threat to China was will.

He added having Russo-Chinese coordination will benefit the world with a stabilizing force. Compared to the US that is always acting in its self-interest in Europe.

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