Russian jets were scrambled to intercept American B-52 long-distance bomber as it approached the Russian border over the Pacific Ocean, stirring tensions between the two superpowers. Moscow has been very critical of increased military activity close to its borders.

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has made it clear that the Russian Federation will not back down against the US, EU, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in his country's border or territory.

The recent Zapad 2021 with Belarus showcased the Russian forces, featuring new weapons, citing the Moscow Times. Also, the drill made NATO countries close to the exercises very edgy.

Russian fighters deployed to intercept US aircraft

According to Russian Defense Ministry, it deployed fighters as soon as the US plane was spotted close to Russia's border in the Pacific Ocean, reported the Express UK.

It stated that long-range radar has picked up the hostile American bomber as it got close to the eastern border in the country.

Deployed were three advanced Sukhoi-35S fighter aircraft from the eastern military district to meet the intruder. Pilots said the large bomber-type plane is identified as a US Air Force B-52H strategic bomber.

Like in most encounters, the intercepting planes would be interrupted and told to leave the airspace. Later the bomber made a mid-air U-turn to fly out to non-Russian airspace as Russian jets intercepted the American B-52 in the air space.

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The American plane redirected and moved to international airspace then the interceptors made a beeline back to their airbases.

Moscow and Washington have not violated protocol in the recent interaction

The interaction had no violation of Russian airspace because it would have been an international incident. Both aircraft had complied with the regular acts for international air protocol and safety. Moscow and Washington have been involved in the former cold war, where standoffs were a common occurrence.

Recently the Kremlin has been very wary of NATO's pivot to the East, and its forces will not sit idly by when NATO is arming upon Russia's eastern European border.

Higher Russian officials have not minced words with regional states that there will be dire consequences for allowing the installation of US missile defenses. Another warning is that a pre-emptive strike its forces will do to these systems is not far behind.

The AUKUS deal will force the Kremlin to be more visible in the Indo-Pacific, which the nuclear submarine deal only made the tension between the west worse, noted the Economic Times.

Putin warns regarding the AUKUS nuclear deal

The tripartite nation submarine deal has caused Russian and China to say the pact is dangerous. Later, Moscow and Beijing were actively parading their armed forces.

According to Putin, remarking on the deal, keeping good relations is important not to rock the boat. He added never to interpret indifference as a weakness because the response will be asymmetrical and tough.

The leader of the Kremlin stated that many nations are trying to provoke, including threats to interests. Anyone thinking Russia will keep silent would be regretting it later on, Putin added.

Recently the intrusion of the HMS Defender on the Black Sea in Crimean coast had round fired warnings, with no intention to hit the ship.

One of the reasons for the escalation is Joe Biden said he would not rejoin Moscow in the treaty after Donald Trump pulled out. Adding the AUKUS to the list, the US leader ignored his EU allies as well.

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