Dispatched Russian jets intercept US B-1 bombers as they were skimming the Black Sea borders declared Moscow. Russian interceptors flew at high speed to block the bombers' flight path and correct the attempted intrusion from Russian airspace.

Recent tensions between Washington and Moscow caused by the US repeated entry in the air defense identification zone (ADIZ), interactions between the former Cold War combatants have not improved either.

Kremlin deployed Su-30 Fighters to intercept US B-1 Bombers

The deployed interceptor were two Su-30 Fighters that forced the pilots of the American bombers to steer from the Black Sea border, reported the Express UK

According to the Russian defense ministry, the mission and objectives are to confirm the intruders, and the flight from entering the Russian border, prevent any intel gained. The two Su-30s were from the Black Sea fleet's naval and air defense force.

Moscow posted the footage of the aerial interference from the cameras of the intercepting fighters. The Russian fighter gave identification of the two bombers; they were two B-1B long-range supersonic bombers of the US Air Force, noted the Daily Mail.

The origin of the long-range US bombers is from the RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire and to accomplish exercises within the Black Sea Region of the Russian Federation.

Russian jets intercepted the US B-1B bombers with two KC-135 aerial tankers for refueling, and the Su-30s went alongside in their corrected course.

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Also, the Ministry said that once the foreign bombers were out of the state border, the interceptors made a return flight to its home airbase.

Russia chased away US Navy Destroyer in Sea of Japan

Another incident last Sunday in the Sea of Japan, several days after a Russian Ship had a run-in with a US Missile destroyer attempting to breach the Russian coast in the Pacific.

The USS Chafee attempted to deploy a helicopter flight in Russian territory but was intercepted by the Admiral Tributs. According to Moscow, it was an unsafe and unprofessional manner exhibited by the US navy ship that got within 60 yards of the other boat. Later, Washington denied its ship intentionally intruded in foreign territory, cited Hindustan Times.

Both superpowers have a rough patch, and the successive incidents do not inspire any confidence in US leadership in world affairs. Vladimir Putin ordered wargames to be the largest ever done, which drew the attention of the US, which sent spy planes to collect information.

The Black Sea interception is only one of many spats between Washington and the Kremlin, pointing fingers at each other.

In September, deployed Russian interceptors blocked a US B-52 nuke bomber in its flight path in the Pacific Ocean, the same thing Kremlin ejected the larger plane from Russian territory after radar contact.

The Sukhoi Su-35, called Flanker by NATO, is the workhorse of the Kremlin's air force. Able to reach about 1,500 mph and an operational radius of 2,200 miles, powered by two powerful turbofan engines. Included are guns for up close and 12 hardpoints to mount bombs or missiles, for a total of 8,000-kg in gross limit.

Recently, Beijing was reported to launch a hypersonic vehicle that can mount a nuke warhead, as does Russia's missiles.

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