Due to danger, the Vulcano island residents are forced to flee as their lives are jeopardized by the toxic gases leaking from the crater. They were warned to leave immediately as the gases could kill them in their sleep.

Reports say that evacuation should be done as the authorities were worried about the state of the volcano. Authorities observed an alarm over the increase of the poisonous gases rising from underground.

Vulcano Island residents flee

Carlo Doglioni, the head of the Italian National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, said that they have observed the increased emission of CO2 can kill people. It prompted the evacuation from the island, according to the Sun UK.

Vulcano Island is near Sicily, where the 300 residents were ordered to vacate. The mayor gave orders for evacuation asap as the carbon and sulfur gas had increased due to the presence of fumaroles or holes in the ground emitting dangerous gases, cited the News Primer.

Tourism is not allowed on the island that is part of the Aeolian archipelago. The evacuation order will be in effect from Monday and stay enforced till next month. Hundreds of locals will not be permitted to remain and sleep in their houses from 11 pm to 6 am.

Marco Giorgianni, mayor of the island, talked about the status of the situation, and added that Vulcano island residents are forced to flee to stay somewhere else on the island, noted the Indian Nation.

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According to the Italian National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, the carbon dioxide level was more than usual when the crater was examined last week said a report.

Previous volcanic activity

The volcano, which the island gets its namesake, had its last eruption from 1888 to 1890, based on the last time. In the years after 1890, the island was relatively dormant and until the recent activity.

Sources say that the Vulcano island was observed to release low gas levels many years ago, which was detected from mud baths. This also caused the sea to heat the surrounding water in the isle.

Local media has reported that locals have started a departure from the island beginning October, as the rise in poison gas was detected by a government agency. It was the abnormal activity of the volcano which prompted the evacuation order.

Giorgianni said those who need assistance to look for another place are available, although the noxious gases are not as dangerous.

One of the residents, Angela Borgia, has a restaurant business in the harbor area. She added that most of the islanders in the area are more concerned about moving the older people at night. Along with all the residents living there, many accept it for their good, she explained.

Based on the mayor's rules, most of the Vulcano island residents are forced to flee from their homes and move to the safer ground until the morning.

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