The location of a gruesome mass grave in Russia containing numerous Nazi victims was an atrocity that is beyond imagination. Many of the victims were children from the total number of remains seen in the grave, making the deed more monstrous.

All the remains of the victims were estimated at over 1,362, with 675 children included in the fatalities. This burial site was discovered in the west part of Russia.

Further digging into the history of the obscene massacre says that the work of the Hitler SS unit perpetrated the war crimes.

Remains of Nazi war

According to forensics, most of the dreaded Hitler SS unit victims had no wounds, no shoes on, and were stark naked when they died, reported the Daily Mail.

One thought is that the 600+ remains from younger children came from a notorious concentration camp with a ghoulish secret. Most of the children were living blood banks for German troops on the frontlines at Leningrad, St. Petersberg now. The need for blood must have been so immediate, even newborns and teenagers were bled dry.

Viktor Ionov, the boss of the mass grave team, said the remains keep on coming as they dig. Implying there may be more bodies to be found. He added that civilians killed by the Hitler SS Unit are reprehensible, cite the Mirror UK.

Ionov was aghast how they were naked and shoeless, which was humiliating. No shoe soles were in the pits. They can be found in the Leningrad region of the Lomonosovsky district, where excavations were going on. The gruesome mass grave in Russia containing numerous Nazi victims in these places is unfortunate.

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About 415 victims were discovered, and it was the remain of children; more than half of them. This mass grave is Hitler's troops slew the most wherein this many children.

One of the volunteers in the grim dig, Sergei Beregovoi, expressed surprise and shock at how many children were not spared. But it was found out later women were slaughtered along with the minors, noted the Sun UK.

He said there were no bullet wounds and no blows to the bones, which only perplexed how they died.

More remains to be discovered

As the diggings, progress more are suspected to be unearthed, revealing more people killed by the Nazis. After the winter, more work is to be done.

Found in the grave was 1410, a number tag, but no connection to the gruesome pit of death. A land survey a year earlier yielded skeletons of two adults and a newborn, revealing the land's gruesome secret.

Next, a set of 20 skeletons were found, and the Russian Investigative Committee started a case for mass murder. Due to the nature of the deaths, which is now called a genocide investigation.

Beregovoi remarked the dead were all piled up, a gruesome mass grave in Russia containing numerous Nazi victims that had many children amongst the remains.

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