The US and allies are pushing tensions, but China does not want war in the Indo-Pacific over Taiwan. This is the statement an expert in affairs in the region cannot afford a conflict.

Chinese international relations expert and translator Victor Gao said that the US and Australia are ill-equipped to stop the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA); if they choose to stand against the return of Taiwan to the mainland. He added that Armageddon brought upon by Beijing's forces is not a good option, and peaceable settlement benefits more.

Military prowess of the PLA can retake the island

A congress report said that the PLA is almost ready to retake Taiwan after this week's assessment. It stressed that crucial capabilities like naval blockade, cyberwarfare, missile strikes are ready, reported the Express UK.

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission advised regarding Taipei. It verified sea and air forces can muster PLA 25,000 troops for the first landing,

It concluded that defending the island with only US forces could hardly prevent the CCP from storming Taiwan.

For a long time, the mainland government has stressed a One-China policy, and only one in name, the island enclave, is a part of the country.

This is interpreted that Taiwan is a province that must be returned to fold, not remain separate. But the Taiwanese are against that and are independent whether it's official or not. This is where the confusion stems from.

US President Joe Biden has made a pivot in the far east to vow to defend Taiwan. China does not want war but a chance to have its own space to develop as a nation.

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Washington has no diplomatic ties with Taiwan, though the Taiwan Relations Act obligates the US to seek Taipei's assistance. One way to get this done is to sell a weapon to the independent island, cited Brinkwire.

Hands off Taiwan

Chinese leader Xi Jinping told Biden this week that sustaining Taipei's independence is an awful misstep for him; he might get burned.

According to the Global Times, it's unsafe and asking for it; the one playing with fire gets burned. Referencing the White House, which has lost Afghanistan and credibility as well.

Like a moth to the flame, Australia will fight the PLA if it does assault. Earlier Chinese officials asked Canberra why it's so willing to be the cannon fodder of Biden, noted AU News.

Speaking on China's behalf

Mr. Gao spoke on a show, where he was called the unofficial voice of China. He added that stopping Taiwan's return is suicide.

A fight with its US ally to thwart China in an armed conflict will end badly for the two; it will not be a good thing, so they should stop. He added conflict with the United States will get ugly and chaotic because US forces cannot win. Also, Australia should turn away and be the cannon fodder of Washington.

The People's Republic of China (PRC) should be given equal respect, or that will be a mistake. The presence of US troops training the Taiwanese troops was seen on satellite recon footage.

Mr. Gao added that China and Taiwan should reunite; to make the Chinese, Americans, Australians less combative. A conflict will not benefit anyone; destroying the island will be counterproductive.

China does not want war; it wants to exist with other nations peacefully. Its rapid development is to have a deterrent, not make conflict. Another is the AUKUS which might escalate tensions more.

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