Three years after the release of "A Star Is Born" and their intimate on-stage debut, Bradley Cooper has spoken out about the romance rumors around him and Lady Gaga. After starring in the 2018 remake of the popular 1954 film, rumors of an off-screen relationship between the two started to circulate.

Bradley, a father of one, has finally spoken up about the rumors surrounding his relationship with the Grammy winner. The pair performed a cover of the film's famous song, Shallow, in 2019.

The duo, who were seated next to one other on a piano bench, set sparks flying with their heartfelt performance, sparking relationship rumors. Bradley, on the other hand, has now explained why his and Lady Gaga's performance was so personal, as per

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper deny romance rumors

The Hangover star had "fears about singing live" and chose to conquer his fears by performing the song in the style of the smash film. He went on to say that a more traditional setup would have looked strange. Lady Gaga addressed if she and Bradley had been romantically linked a year after the film's premiere, Daily Mail reported.

Her newest appearance in House Of Gucci has gotten her Oscar attention. However, Lady Gaga's final effort at Academy Award gold has been forced back into the limelight.
On the cover of the newest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, the 35-year-old actress and singer - born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - wore a gigantic couture headpiece.

While recording the film, Lady Gaga and the 46-year-old actor and filmmaker became close, and many questioned whether it was more than just a friendship when they performed a duet of "Shallow" at the Academy Awards, complete with loving looks and snuggling. Cooper stated to THR that the two were acting as if the performance were a scene from a movie to help him overcome his phobia of performing live.

Cooper plays Jack, a musician who helps a young singer called Ally (Lady Gaga) attain popularity while his own work spirals south due to age and drinking. Despite the fact that many reviewers thought the part was stunt casting only at time, Cooper enthused about working with the Bad Romance hitmaker.

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Is Bradley Cooper reconciled with Irina Shayk?

Cooper and Lady Gaga both ended their relationships the same year the romance rumors began to circulate. Cooper and his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk, on the other hand, have a kid together, so they've continued to co-parent.

On Monday, November 15, the supermodel and actor were caught walking arm-in-arm in New York City. It's unclear whether the two are on the verge of reconciling or are simply wonderful co-parents and friends.

Per The Blast, Irina Shayk had a brief romance with rapper Kanye West earlier this year. The two were seen celebrating the rapper's 44th birthday in France. It was over in the short amount of time.

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