Beachgoers in Crimea, Ukraine was shocked when they noticed bones stick out from the sand in what was assumed to be a Karaite Jewish cemetery. The scene would have come out of a horror movie from Hollywood, except this was the actual thing. 

Skeletons on a Crimean beach

No one knows how old the Jewish ancient burial site is yet, so it's speculation for now. The police were informed of the human bones in the sand but later verified it came from an earlier undetermined burial date, so no further investigation was needed. It horrified beachgoers as the human remains were exposed by the erosion of the old beach site in Ukraine, reported the Sun UK.

Images of the scene recorded on video showed human bones partly revealed by the crumbling cliff, including a spinal column, skull, and other bones protruding from the sand. Over time, the rain has eroded the bank that had several skeletons exposed, speculated to be those buried in the Jewish time.

 Alexander Shkonda, the local council chairman in Okunevsky, Crimea, spoke to the media about his request to keep the cemetery a protected area in 2015 but was not granted till now, cited Techno Trendz.

One problem he encountered was that the beach was not public land, and the local authorities could not decide on the matter. Because of that, the skeletons and gravesite are vulnerable and cannot be protected, and now there are fears of the skeletons falling onto the beach below. 

Landowners are supposed to start building but halted upon discovering the old Jewish burial site in Ukraine, which they never expected to come across. They stopped the construction even after all the materials were ready.

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Efforts in preserving the burial site

Mr. Shkonda has started another appeal to the government to issue a protective edict for the graves. He added that scholars are not definite when the cemetery dates from, although there were other instances when eroded earth has revealed skeletons in Ukraine.

Locals think it's a Karaite Jew graveyard, not too many remain of them. Most are found in Ukraine, the US, and Israel, where they live mostly.  In other places like in the United Kingdom, a month ago, there were 80 skeletons discovered on a building site that sent an investigation rolling after, noted the Mirror UK.

Many of the bodies found had their hands tied behind them. These bodies were dug up in a strip of farmland in Birmingham, thought to have laid there for several hundred years.

Initially, it was thought to be a simple strip for erecting a structure that would have been a 72-bed home for the elderly. The developer was able to get an archaeological investigation for planning when it was uncovered a year earlier.

 everything was done, the human remains were taken from the West End Farm off Brackley Road. What was left was the hole where they dug up all the skeletons. However, the archeological report was not shown.

Finding out all the bones were taken from the plot of land and no investigation on the site, one local councilor asked how the bones were taken by whoever. The Buckinghamshire Council is supposed to have a report on the incident. Looking at the sorry state of the Jewish burial site with bones sticking out in the beach located in Ukraine gave creepy horror vibes that need protection and preservation.

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