Attorney Rita Glavin's pleas to have his client Andrew Cuomo's testimony released have just been heard.

Earlier this week, New York Attorney General Letitia James ordered the release of the transcripts featuring Cuomo's 11-hour testimony after 11 women accused him of sexual harassment.

Andrew Cuomo wanted female staffers to support him

In the transcript, Cuomo reportedly sounded combative while trying to discredit James. The former governor of New York, who resigned from his post after Joe Biden urged him to, also slammed the POTUS in his testimony.

Independent investigator Joon Kim, who James hired, conducted the probe. Kim asked Cuomo if it was his idea to try and get women to support him publicly. And the former politician dragged the president in his response.

"I thought it was more effective than just me going out there saying, 'No, none of this happened.' I thought it was more effective to have female staff people say -- make a statement. That's what Biden did. That's what other politicians have done in this circumstance. I thought that was an effective vehicle," he said via CNN.

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Joe Biden accused of sexual misconduct

According to reports, Biden was accused of sexual misconduct during his 2020 campaign. His former aide, Tara Reade, accused Biden of sexual assault.

Following the allegations, several women released statements of support in defense of Biden. At least 74 former Biden staffers - 62 of which are women - confirmed that they never experienced any form of harassment or abuse while working for the president.

Cuomo and his aides, on the other hand, drafted a letter where they attacked the creditability of the former's accuser. Cuoco admitted that he suggested that only women should sign the letter just like what Biden's staff did, according to the New York Post.

Andrew Cuomo struggled to define 'girlfriend'

Other than Biden, the transcript of Cuomo's 11-hour interview also centered on confusion over the definition of girlfriend.

Cuomo was asked whether it's true that he compared the appearance of his accuser, Lindsey Boylan, to one of his ex-girlfriends. The ex-governor said that he remembered saying that Boylan looked like a clone of another woman that he knew.

Investigator Anne Clark then asked Cuomo if the person that she compared Boylan to was his girlfriend. And the former politician asked Clark what she means by the word girlfriend.

When asked if he understood what girlfriend means, Cuomo claimed that the word could have different meanings. He eventually defined it as a girl who is a friend, according to the New York Times.

Andrew Cuomo claims Letitia James has a vendetta against him

The release of over 500 pages of testimony came three months after James' office issued a report that confirmed that Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women. One week later, he resigned from his position.

Cuomo is convinced that James has a vendetta against him. And he also accused the attorney general's probe as politically motivated. After all, James declared her gubernatorial candidacy earlier this month.

If elected, James will serve as Cuomo's Democratic replacement.

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