The Russian ambassador says to stop accusing Putin after the UK has said the Russian leader controls gas supplies. Countries in Europe are reeling from the energy crisis, causing havoc, even in the US.

Vladimir Putin is an influential leader in the world who has the ability to control the tap. Many nations are not okay with this, especially the US, which he brutally turned down, while the EU leaders debate how to keep the energy tap running and keep from freezing in winter.

Putin not holding controlling gas supplies for political reasons

As a result of keeping the tap controlled for the supply of the EU and Brexit, many say that Putin has weaponized gas as leverage for Russia to negotiate on.

According to Andrei Kelin, Russian ambassador UK, who spoke with Andrew Marr of BBC, he mirrored the statement of the Russian leader that he has no interest in controlling the gas supply to the EU members or Brexit due to politics, reported the Express UK.

The Kremlin leader said it was a wrong notion, that it is politically motivated. Gas problems are at the pump, he said.

At this point, the interviewer asked if there was anything wrong with the Russian leader's words, and Alexander Novak, Deputy Prime Minister, said the Nord Stream 2 would diffuse the energy crisis. There is no problem as far as he's concerned, cited the Head Topics.

Many energy firms are folding as the supply of gas becomes harder to come by. In the UK, some cannot service the need of their customers. 

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He added that Mr. Kelin, the current UK ambassador, has stayed in the UK since 2019 and said the signal would be coming from Germany.

If the arrangements are made, new gas supplies will be pumped in from Nord Stream 2. He added that no way that Russia is controlling everything via the gas supply is preposterous.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline could alleviate the UK gas crisis

The Russian representative was asked if the gas tap was open to satisfy all the gas needs. He answers it will be alleviated via the Nord Stream 2.

Added that Moscow has opened up gas pumped in through Ukraine as much as 10%, but Marr was not convinced that Russia had done anything at all to increase supplies, noted the BBC.

To be exact, Russia comprises the UK's gas supply by only five percent, not as much as others. But, Mr. Kelin remarked that the overall gas prices all over Britain are more by 15%, which is a significant increase.

Furthermore, he said Russia could bail out the UK if there is help needed increasing its energy supply, he offered. He told Mr. Marr that it's an excellent opportunity to help the UK and do what else is needed. Another is that it will ease the adverse conditions that are causing problems.

The role of Russia in the European Union is that it provides half of the gas imports needed by all the bloc members. Other nations that give the energy supplies to the EU are Norway and also Algeria. The BBC suggested that outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the Kremlin violated the agreement to supply gas.

Russian ambassador says to stop accusing Putin of manipulating the gas supply for his end, and the Kremlin leader is trying to help.

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