The success of the "Squid Game" has seemingly caused more tension between North and South Korea.

This week, North Korea state-run website Arirang Meari criticized South Korea and the hit Netflix series "Squid Game." The publication claimed that the nine-episode series became such a huge hit among viewers because it exposed the reality of the capitalist society in South Korea.

In South Korea, there is allegedly extreme competition for survival and greed for the weak. Watching "Squid Game" allegedly made viewers realize just how beastly South Korean society is because human beings there are driven into extreme competition with one another.

"For this reason, the audience who watched the TV drama is set in a South Korean society with severe economic inequality. It is the current South Korean society where the number of losers in fierce competition such as employment, real estate, and stocks increases dramatically. It is said that he is expressing his feelings that the reality of living in a world where people are judged only by money is a curse and a hellish fear," the publication claimed.

North Korea continues to ban K-drama, K-pop

According to Insider, North Korea's criticism of "Squid Game" and South Korea overlooked the tragic story of Kang Sae-byeok, a North Korean defender who eloped so that she could provide a better life for her family in South Korea. In one of the scenes, Sae-byeok shared her struggles living in North Korea with her newfound friend, Ji-yeong.

As of press writing, North Korea continues to impose a strict ban on Korean dramas and K-pop music after calling the culture a vicious cancer.

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Those caught watching K-dramas and listening to K-pop music could face penalties as grave as getting jail time.

However, it is also important to note that North Korean media outlets previously praised "Parasite" for exposing the reality of the rich-poor gap in South Korea.

'Squid Game' continues to top Netflix charts

Despite the criticisms, "Squid Game" continues to rank first on Netflix even though it was released almost a month ago. As of press writing, the hit series already garnered 11 million views in its first month alone.

There are ongoing speculations that "Squid Game" Season 2 could be in the works soon. After all, director Hwang Dong-hyuk previously revealed that he's surprised with how fans have been clamoring to see their favorite characters again.

There are also several loose threads from "Squid Game" that fans want to be addressed in future episodes. For instance, fans wonder why Seong Gi-Hun didn't board the plane to visit his daughter in the United States.

There are also speculations suggesting that Ali and Joon-ho might still be alive. And their lives and struggles will take center stage in "Squid Game" Season 2.

Is 'Squid Game' Season 2 happening?

While speaking with Variety, Dong-hyuk said that he's become more open to the idea of releasing more episodes of "Squid Game." However, he's still not rushing into anything. The director said he needs to think of a compelling storyline before announcing "Squid Game" Season 2.

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