The European Union has pledged to provide $1.15 billion worth of aid relief to Afghanistan amid progressive talks between United States officials and the Taliban as the Afghan economy continues to spiral into chaos.

On Tuesday, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that there had been progressing in discussions between U.S. officials and the Taliban militant group. The official noted that the two sides agreed on several fronts that aid was needed in the country to support its residents with humanitarian assistance.

Humanitarian Aid For Afghanistan

World leaders expressed their concerns about the need for urgent actions to avoid the potential collapse of the nation during a G20 meeting on Tuesday focusing on Afghanistan. During the discussions, the EU pledged an additional $1.15 billion worth of emergency funds to aid the country and prevent a "major humanitarian collapse."

"We're committed to working closely with the international community and using diplomatic, humanitarian, and economic means to address the situation in Afghanistan and support the Afghan people," said United States President Joe Biden in a tweet after the meeting, CNN reported.

President of the European Commission Ursula von de Leyen said in a statement that everyone must do their part to prevent a major "humanitarian and socio-economic collapse" in Afghanistan. The situation came as the Biden administration did not announce any new American aid for the war-torn country after two meetings with Taliban officials.

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Many argued, however, that the EU's financial pledge was only a temporary solution to Afghanistan's growing crisis. The war-torn country's financial system was on the verge of collapse since the militant group took control earlier this year after the withdrawal of American troops.

Since mid-August, the majority of international aid that was supposed to be distributed to Afghanistan was cut off. Many global leaders did not want to support the region after the insurrection group conquered the country's capital of Kabul, the New York Times reported.

Worsening Economic Crisis

With the growing need for humanitarian aid, Biden and his administration revealed plans to send financial support to Afghanistan. However, Sean Hannity on Tuesday said that many American taxpayers were slowly starting to show their disdain of the White House and its decisions.

While the U.S. federal government has agreed to provide financial support to Afghanistan, it has continued to refuse to recognize the Taliban government, the insurrection group said on Sunday. Amid the progressive talks between the U.S. and the militant group, Biden's team argued that the discussions were no signs of a recognition of the insurrectionists' government in Kabul.

Hannity noted that for 40 days, Democratic President Biden failed to mention that there were still American citizens stranded in Afghanistan after he pulled the military out of the region. The situation comes amid the leader's promises that his government would use taxpayer funds to support the nation.

"The Biden administration is planning to send more money to the Taliban. They're calling it humanitarian aid, but in reality, where I grew up, that looks an awful lot like a massive ransom payment to terrorists," said Hannity, Fox News reported.

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