Joe Biden reportedly became president at one of the most challenging times in history due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, an analysis of his first 50 days in office also revealed that some of the domestic crises faced by Americans were also due to the POTUS authoring his misfortune.

Stephen Collinson said that Biden seems to be controlled by the events happening in the United States when he should manage the crises as the POTUS.

As of press writing, Biden's approval ratings have also been in steep decline because his supporters and critics sometimes feel that he's engaging in an absentee approach.

Last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted that things are not looking good for the country. After all, there's still an ongoing pandemic at a time when they thought that it would have been resolved.

This puts Biden in a tough spot because some aspects of the pandemic are beyond his control. However, Collinson cannot help but compare the POTUS with other leaders that came before him.

For instance, George W. Bush succeeded in the foundering of the Iraq war. And Jimmy Carter also successfully solved the Iran hostage crisis.

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Joe Biden became president at the worst time

To date, Biden is dealing with many things, from gasoline prices and inflation to a global supply chain backup.

The POTUS also has to deal with the already tense multi-front standoff between the US and China. And just recently, Beijing seemingly threatened to attack Taiwan after learning that the country has employed two dozen American military forces.

However, the journalist said that some of the country's crises could've been resolved if Biden had taken a different route.

"The president presided over a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in which American service members died. His rhetoric was at odds with events and he tried to blame others for the mess that allowed the GOP to portray him as weak. The harrowing scenes seem to have robbed him of any credit for ending America's longest war -- a distinction that eluded three previous presidents," Collinson wrote for CNN.

Joe Biden's approval ratings on a decline

Last week, Biden received C- grades from a focus group session that expressed their concern over the president's lack of a solution to put an end to COVID-19 in the country.

Sarah Longwell, a former Republican that started supporting Biden last year, said that there seems to be a malaise. And most Democrats and Americans don't feel that their lives improved since Biden became president.

To make things worse, some Americans also feel that Biden did not live up to his promises while he was still campaigning for the top seat at the White House, according to Politico.

In July, the Daily Beast also challenged the POTUS to deliver on his promises, including independence from the virus, transitory inflation, and the cyclical border crisis.

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