In the Zapad-2021 Wargames, Putin touts a new robotic vehicle and more advanced weaponry to lessen the gap in the west in advanced combat weaponry. The Russian war machine is revving with a new weapon to show the US and NATO that Russia can rumble at any time.

The Russian leader made it a point for the west to watch and shudder at their arsenal to make NATO or the US think twice before doing anything. The encounter with NATO in Crimean waters and the Black Sea reminded us that the Kremlin is playing it cool, but it can change anytime.

New generation weapons and robotic tanks used in drills

One of the Russian leader's revelations was the Terminator tank and superfast missiles that travel at Mach 5+, as the participating units in the Russian-Belarus drills, reported the Sun UK.

Included in Zapad 2021 is a new generation of combat machines by the arm forces on this occasion. For the NATO and EU observers, this is an ominous display of strength. These exercises began on September 10, meant by the Kremlin as a heads up to inform the west, the Russian Federation is not to be trifled with, cited the DW.

To date, the war games with Russia and Belarus are one of the most massive organized drills embarked on by the two countries. The massive land exercise involves 200,000 troops, 80 warplanes, and helicopters, using 760 military hardware, including 290 tanks, 240 field artillery, rockets launcher platforms, and mortars for the army. Putin touts a new robotic tank and more weapons that are a new generation.

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Many of the drills were conducted on the ground by Russia and Belarus, which caused close neighbors to sweat buckets and fear the worst.

Seen in the drills were the first glimpses of the Uran-9, which is a deployable combat vehicle, which can engage in combat or scouting ahead in enemy territory. Uran-9 is a heavy remote drone at 12-tons, equipped with Ataka guided missiles and anti-armor rockets as its missile payload. But, it has anti-personnel weapons like a flamethrower and a 7.62 caliber machine gun installed. No crews will attack it without fearing their lives against the remotely operated vehicle as its range extends to 16,404 feet away.

An undisclosed drone unit was deployed to the field during the Syrian Civil War in 2018. Still, it is unclear how well it performed in use as nobody knows if it participated in combat, noted the Business Insider.

Zapad 2021 featutes varied weaponry

Shown in the exercises is the S-500 Prometheus ground-to-air missile launcher. The system is used to shoot down planes and missiles high up at 125 miles. Capable of shooting down hypersonic missiles and close to space.

Tests have been completed, and the system is being delivered to buyers of the S-500 after military drills, with India being one of the first in a few years. There is a video that showcases the S-400 and Pantsir-S air defenses in action.

The drill was done in the Astrakhan region, including Russia's Triumph air defense system, as part of the Zapad wargames in 2021. All the activities in this year's war games show how Russia is modernizing at breakneck speed. Putin touts a new robotic tank and more weapons that the EU and NATO are getting uneasy from.

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