Taliban Jihadis were seen at an amusement park last October 9, had the hardcore Islamists after the August 31 deadline now passed. For the past month, the Jihadis have been busy terrorizing Afghans and fighting ISIS-K, but now they spent leisure enjoying the rides in the park.

Most were taken aback at the images of hardened Jihadis going on the different rides while holding rifles.

These Jihadis reportedly enjoyed their time doing these unusual activities, and those who came to Kabul for the first time were likewise amazed since it was their first park experience.

Jihadis spends downtime in amusement park

Images of the Taliban with their automatic weapons were all over the park, taking rides on a merry-go-round and even a pirate ride ship that swung back and forth, reported the Sun UK.

The day trip where countless fighters visited Qargha Reservoir theme park is one popular waterside theme park frequented by families before the takeover.

Many of the Jihadis would be scowling or threatening Afghans with terrible punishments. This time, they were carefree and laughing, jesting, and eating snacks for once, not the typical day of an enforcer, the Fast Newz.

Afghanistan is still under Taliban rule after overran the government in August and became its rulers after the Biden administration capitulated the Capital of Kabul.

Once the Taliban Jihadis took over and began a rule of terror, they imposed brutal laws, cruel hangings, getting whipped, chopping off heads, and the hangings almost similar with the dark ages, which the amusement park is a far from contrast.

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But, even for the brutal Jihadis, they can feel the stress of their cruel activities. This time their leaders allowed their members to enjoy their downtime in one of the best amusement centers while carrying their weapons.

The fighter favored the US-made weapons over their older arms, and these were the same guns used by the Western-trained Afghan army and police force.

They explored every nook and cranny throughout the amusement park, but one fighter had the crazy idea to pose like he had a halo, noted the YRT News.

Even a hardened Talibs needs downtime

One of the militants, Halimi, 24, spoke that he liked going to Kabul and the Qargha reservoir theme park. He was elated that they were welcome for a change and enjoyed the brotherly approach to them.

Furthermore, he added that they won, and the Americans fled, which is the best thing.

Halimi met his cousin on their day off at the park, even going for a picnic as a celebration of their victory, citing Reuters.

Other photos had the terror jihadis on a break, stopping in the fairground riding their rusty pickup trucks, as their faces could not hide the excitement before entering the park.

Other members opted for the peace and tranquil lakeshore sand, and some were children and young men. Other militants rode horses like it was a holiday.

Most of the time, it is not all fun for the Taliban Jihadis, and many are stuck policing and securing the areas they control. They are never at rest as the Sharia is enforced with lethal consequences.

Outside the amusement park is the real world with ISIS-K, wreaking terror in Kabul and other cities. Recently, a mosque was bombed by the notorious IS group that killed 50 people.

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