Taliban terrorists hacked off the head of a captured Afghan soldier despite saying they would pardon not kill. They displayed the severed head as one of their terror tactics to sow fears in their despotic rule.

No one doubted that the Jihadis could not be trusted to keep their word that they would not kill anyone. Western experts fear that many will be killed in the progress of their rule. With enemies in hiding or on the run, like an ex-Afghan army, government, and interpreters might end the same way.

The brutality of the Taliban

Footage of the beheading of the former Afghan soldier at the mercy of the terrorist jihadis showing Taliban fighter raising the chopped head by the hair as a trophy and singing in celebration reported the Sun UK.

What can be only called heinous, the sickening video was allegedly gotten by the Washington Examiner. The video leaked from an online chat of the extremists, although it is unknown when the terrible footage was shot.

The 30-second video shows they declared themselves as freedom fighters though many prefer to call them terrorists. While holding the lopped-off head, they were chanting mujahideen, rejoicing in the death. Two bloody knives were seen in the hands of one fighter in the video while six other terror fanatics were holding their rifles.

The victim was assumed to be an Afghan soldier as the headless corpse was wearing a dark green uniform. Ironically the Taliban terrorists singing 'Mujahideen' in the video, an Arabic word meaning who fights for Islam. Still, chances are the murdered man with the severed head is Muslim as well.

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 In the video, the soldier heard as they slew, praised the terrorist's supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada. Noticeably the video ends with the jihadi fanatics who prioritized mutilating their victim, had to shoot the corpse in their glee to make an example. 

Need to sow fear as the NRF fights on

One of the reasons for circulating the gruesome murder on video is to sow fear as the resistance of the lions of Panjshir, which taken three provinces from the Taliban, noted France24.

Recent footage shows the resistance fighters in various military drills, going through a mountain range to keep fighting fit in the battles for Afghani freedom. Areas, where the National Resistance Front (NRF) have recaptured are the Dara, Abshar, and Paryan districts, where many Taliban were slain. However, non-combatants are at the Jihadis merci for the defeats.

Forty years ago, Panjshir was a bloody battlefield fought against the Soviets and with natural barriers to stop enemies decisively. Despite the terror jihadis claim of allegedly conquering the 60-mile valley, they never hand in 26 years. Taliban control the main road that leads to the valley, but the resistance is well covered from assault in the high ground. The terrorists cannot move and are logged in. 

According to a tweet by Frud Bezhan of Radio Free Europe, posted on Twitter, Panjshir is one of the last places fighting against Jihadi's rule.

The Lion's son, Ahmad Massoud, is one of the leaders fighting with the northern alliance. His father repelled the Soviets in the 80s and 90s. Massoud, together with vice-president Amrulleh Saleh is with them, vowing to stay till the end. Taliban terrorists use the image of the severed head of their victim to instill fear in others, but they are meeting resistance like never before.

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