In another of his unpredictable gaffes, US President Joe Biden made a mistake when he referred to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and calling her 'Mister Mayor.' Many observers have long doubted where the cognitive condition of the president has been allegedly covered up by the media, also the White House.

US President Biden's cognitive condition exposed during speech

The blunder occurred in television engagement in the Democrat-controlled Prairie State to ask employers to require employees who aren't vaccinated.

But, this outing proved disastrous when he could not deliver the speech properly and even got confused about Mayor Lightfoot's gender.

In his statement, Joe Biden, already 78, said, " Mr. Mayor, thank you for the town passport, " reported the Express UK.

He added that he wants to bring someone back to Washington each time he visits the Greater Chicago Area. Remarking, he's done it several times. The person that Biden was indicating could be the Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson.

But, the gaffes went as the words were mumbled and jumbled when he was struggling to call the President of Illinois' State Senate, Don Harmon. President Biden said the Ohio Pennsylvania twice in error. Trying to get it right, he mentioned he is from Pennsylvania until it was right, 'The Illinois President', noted the Swift Headline.

Another confusing statement is that he mixed up television for a telephone, telling viewers about a conversation with a hospital worker. US President Joe Biden said he had a conversation on the telephone with someone in the emergency room that was mixed up. 

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Biden allegedly blames those refusing to get the vaccine as a burden to everyone from hospitals, the economy, and other things. But many argue it is a pandemic because the Democrats are using it for leverage.

He then pushed getting vaccinated is important and should be prioritized over everything else. But many do not agree with him at the cost of losing their jobs.

The White House claims that 3,500 organizations and institutions have included some form of vaccine requirement. About one in four businesses and four in ten hospitals have agreed to require their employees vaccinated.

In Illinois, he got more votes, but the Rasmussen poll shows that many have regrets as one crisis after another sinks the US further.

Joe Biden has difficulty even on autocue 

According to Sky News Australia, Joe Biden's speech was very incoherent. What made it worst is even with autocue, it still went awry.

The president's Elk Grove speech was not the best, with rambling on, getting genders mistaken, and even his message about vaccines was very unsophisticated and faulty.

Generally, the president's delivery is allegedly obscure and did not address concerns adequately. Another thing is that Biden seemed to lose track and was confused when mentioning Mayor Lightfoot and Don Harmon.

US President Joe Biden has obvious difficulties when speaking, calling her 'Mister Mayor' even on autocue that is not appropriate for the leader of the United States.

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