Acting City Administrator John Fourier recently announced that 100 households will receive a $500 stimulus check in installments.

He went on to say that they would like to work with researchers to thoroughly understand the program's impact on the community as well as the individual participants.

This pilot program is clearly based on another research now underway in Stockton, California. After the first year, the citizens were found to have had less anxiety and sadness than the pressure group that had not received the money.

According to research published by the Los Angeles Times, recipients of $500 monthly stimulus checks were able to locate full-time work significantly faster than those in the control group.

New stimulus check program proposed

Other researchers, including Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, have proposed such initiatives as well. Ann Arbor will get $24 million in stimulus money as part of the American Rescue Plan Act, which will be distributed among various initiatives and social service organizations.

Per Digital Market News, to avoid going overboard with the stimulus check funding, the city would have the final say on which programs should be financed. Following that, the city council would make the ultimate decision.

A large number of individuals are optimistic about the newly created funding proposal. Linh Song, a Council Member, reacted to one of the comments by saying that she had been pushing for a universal basic income program for the last six months, and that it would work well with other social service groups.

Only half of the federal stimulus check financing for the city has been received, according to reports; the other half will arrive next year.

New federal stimulus payments are scheduled to be deposited one week from today. They're the most recent installments of the Child Tax Credit payments, which provide parents with a few hundred dollars extra every month, as per BGR.

However, as we've mentioned in previous posts, stimulus funds aren't just coming from the federal government. Various states and localities around the United States have been evaluating what they can do along these lines - and are issuing their own checks.

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Is a $500 stimulus check a done deal?

To provide just one example, the state of California has started handing out $600 Golden State Stimulus II checks to qualified households. To qualify for the checks, recipients must earn between $30,000 and $75,000, with families with children receiving an additional $500.

Meanwhile, one American city is proposing a more extreme approach: a $500 stimulus check program for some families. For a period of three years. However, this isn't a done deal just yet.

Other ideas being considered by Ann Arbor for how to spend its COVID-19 funds include spending $1 million on social service programs, $3.5 million on property purchases to support affordable housing, $2 million on community policing, $7 million for solar on city facilities, and $4 billion for a new bikeway Downtown, according to one local news report.

The city will give the public an opportunity to weigh in on all of this. The final decision will be made by the city council in the area. However, the potential of a new stimulus check program serves as a reminder of how popular this perk remains. Of course, none of this should have been a surprise.

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