Footage of Putin's new ship-killer cruise missile tests designed for excellent standoff distance is the latest weapon to threaten the west. Like China, Russia knows the US Fleets are a threat in open war, so these weapons are meant to whittle down that advantage.

A new ship-killer missile called the 'Vulcan' was test-fired by the Russian Navy as an addition to its current arsenal to keep a near-peer competition with the west.

The technological gap is getting close in all aspects, but in anti-ship missile technology, Moscow has beaten the US to the gun in hypersonic weaponry.

A threat to the American fleet

Army General Sergey Shoygu, the Defense Minister of Russia, posted the actual test video of the launch, which has a range of 250 miles plus, as a beyond the horizon function and essentially fire and forget weapon, reported the Express UK.

Testing was done from a Russian Varyag class cruiser in a Pacific naval drill and fired at a target at high velocity in scenarios that would simulate an actual military engagement.

Russia has been testing its newest arms, earlier a test done on September 15 by the Arctic Expeditionary Group with the same goal of broadcasting to the US Administration of its readiness.

Old Cold War design for a new Great Power Conflict

Designated the P-1000 Vulcan updated from an older version developed in the cold war but had less significant range.

The missile is being launched from ships, and the Granit-type cruise missile is launched from Omsk nuclear subs. Putin tests new ship killer cruise missiles along with recent submarine-based launches.

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NATO and the US will not be confident when these aircraft killing weapons offer an asymmetrical threat to more ships or having an aircraft carrier.

As a response to the Russians, Britain has revealed that laser weapons are in the pipeline to combat missiles that are getting dangerous on the future battlefield.

Last September 14, The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that a laser prototype would be mounted on a Type 23 Frigate of the Royal Navy.

Lasers will not use kinetic rounds or ammunition. Instead, it fires laser beams from unmanned drones, and other similar weapons will be placed on Army Wolfhound armored vehicles to test it on this platform.

The MoD

An official, the Defense procurement minister, Jeremy Quinn, remarked that Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) or lasers are an integral part of the future equipment programs. One of the goals is to be a world leader in the manufacture, and use of lasers for future warfare, cites Sky News via Yahoo.

The MoDs, Shimon Fhima, chief of strategic programs, mentioned the UK must develop DEW weapons for its benefit.

Calling the use of laser tech to keep par with other armed forces, have the new type armament to attack the land, sea, and air, with options to innovate battle strategies from conventional arms, noted News 7 Trends.

He added that technologies should be researched and developed by scientists and engineers to all the UK to use such advanced systems for its good.

Vladimir Putin tests a new ship killer cruise missile called Vulcan as his next surprise for NATO ships and the vaunted US navy, making it clear he means business.

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