Russian envoys warn US that deployment of hypersonic missiles in Europe could initiate inadvertent strife to follow. Consecutive tensions in the Black Sea and other places where the allies have encounters with the military forces of Russia have degraded to saber-rattling with threats of nuclear war.

Moscow's embassy in the US has told the current American administration to consider committing to a decision to circumvent grave consequences. Should it place its long-range missiles in Europe?

A tweet by the Russian Embassy in the US gave a terse reminder of the warning sent by the Kremlin.

Moscow warns Washington

The US claims that it considers the Russian Federation a destabilizing influence in Europe, considering these incidents as serious. According to the Kremlin, the HMS Defender was buzzed by jets in the Black Sea.

The Tsirkon hypersonic missile was successfully launched and hit the designated target during the White Sea trial. According to President Vladimir Putin, the US and UK could provoke Russia into doing something drastic should the deployment of hypersonic missiles advance.

According to Press Secretary John F. Kirby of the Pentagon, the new Russian missiles are potentially destabilizing and pose as a threats because they are nuclear-tipped, reported the Sun UK.

Kirby claims the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the US are in close watch over Russia's activities . Before this, the Biden administration sent strategic nuclear bombers on a mission to project force to the Kremlin.

Confirmed successful tests of hypersonics

The test was done when the super-fast missile was fired at the frigate Admiral Gorshkov in the White Sea hitting its target successfully that was close to the northwest Russian coast last Sunday. The US should now contemplate in deploying the hypersonic missiles in Europe,considering  it might be a flashpoint for WW3.

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Hitting a target beyond the visual range at 220 miles, this long-range weapon confirmed it would hit targets successfully, said Russian state media. However, limited details were released regarding the trial to protect the technical aspects of the next-gen cruise missile. Final trials will soon commence announced Russia last week.

The Kremlin leader said the Tsirkon is unmatched, capable to travel at speeds of Mach 5 up to Mach 20 it can bring about terror to the west. With a possible range between 188 and 620 miles, the missile can eliminate entire enemy ships.

Another missile under development is the hyper-fast Sarmat, also known as Satan-2 which is a whopping 188-tons, one of the biggest Intercontenental  Ballistic Misslies (ICBM) in the nuke arsenal of Putin. Tests are scheduled in autumn and it will be finally ready for use probably next year.

Potential conflicts involving nukes is other parts of the world

According to the current administration, the state aims to lessen nukes, but adversaries have escalated the production of nuclear warheads. Based on the Pentagon report, the US has "has reduced either the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy of the number of nuclear weapons it fields." 

There is even conflict that might involve the use of nuclear warheads in several areas worldwide.

Moscow has fast-tracked nuclear advancement, with more warheads added to their arsenal, noted Fas Org. Reportedly, Beijing might develop a robotic nuclear weapon delivery system.

Allegedly, North Korea have speed  up the development  ICBMs while powerful nuclear device that can reach United States are Iran's objective soon.

To restore deterrence amid rapid increase of nuclear weaponry of adversaries, with the Kremlin, Beijing, and Tehran aiming to include these missiles in their artillery, US nuclear response could play an important role. Should the US proceed to deploy hypersonic missiles in Europe, this would be view as provocation according to the Kremlin. 

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