A recent development in Kabul is that the Taliban tells Joe Biden to stop flying drones over any part of Afghan territory. This comes about as the Jihadis are concerned over the overflights which are monitoring their every move.

The terror Jihadis even sent a veiled message to the White House of consequences that might arise.

Ironically, the Biden administration is now following a terror group that does not have the best interest of the US at heart. It is the same group that causes a reign of terror in the 90s.

Terrorists cite laws 

The terror group's spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said that the US violated a peace deal signed in Qatar. It strictly does not allow overflight of a drone as it violates the agreement, reported the Daily Mail.

He added that all nations are called on the US to uphold Afghanistan's sovereignty based on its rights, laws, and commitments. In doing so, to avoid anything negative, VOA Public Relations posted on Twitter as well.

After twenty years in Afghanistan, the US pulled out on August 30, in which the self-determination is not in the hands of the terror Jihadis. But one of the problems faced by Jihadis is where it can retrieve the money the government owns.

Ironic claims of over the horizon that does not exist

President Biden had promised that an over the horizon is still possible in the country. This allows the US flexibility to conduct drone strikes. But they lost this facility with the abandonment of the Bagram airbase, and the Taliban tells Joe Biden to stop flying drones.

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The Afghan spokesperson says drones will be flying, which violates international law that disallows it. Once all flights are stopped, it would be hard to know what is happening. Mujahid was cryptic about what would happen if the US still flew drones, violating the Qatar agreement.

The Taliban has a precedent for asking the US not to fly drones based on the Qatar agreement. The Biden administration sanctioned a drone strike on August 29, which killed the wrong target.

Instead of Killing supposed ISIS-K bombers prepping to attack the Kabul airport, a gross error of judgment instead killed an innocent family of 10, with several children too, noted NBC News.

It was one of the worst judgment cases in its haste to even up the score, which killed someone without the usual accuracy needed to confirm the target. This was admitted to by the senior US general Frank McKenzie, which made things worse.

The US general said that it was a righteous strike, but it was a terrible mistake of Biden's so-called over the horizon capability that failed.

The military official tried to explain it was an honest mistake, but instead, it led to the question of whether drones are that precise.  But McKenzie still did not admit the US committed a grave error.

Killed in the drone strike was Zamairi Akmadhi, who entered the car park, and the children, who were meeting their dad in greeting. Sumaya, a two-year-old toddler, was among the slain. This wrongly done UAV strike is the reason why the Taliban tells Joe Biden to stop flying drones when the US cannot even confirm if it is civilian or not.

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