Republican Congresswoman and former United States President Donald Trump are once again at odds after the female politician fired back at the Republican businessman for uploading an edited photo that had Cheney's body with former President George Bush's face,

On Thursday, Liz Harrington, Trump's spokesperson, posted the modified image of Cheney online. The former president is expected to campaign for Cheney, who is the daughter of Dick Cheney, the vice president during Bush's presidency, during the female lawmaker's 2022 midterm race against an official supported by Trump.

Trump's Attacks Against Cheney

Cheney responded to the former president's actions by uploading an unedited photo of Bush on Twitter on Sunday. "I like Republican presidents who win re-election," the female official's caption read. The statement referred to both events where Bush won re-election in 2004 and Trump's statement against late Senator John McCain, where he said, "I like people who weren't captured."

Despite Cheney showing support for most of Trump's legislative agenda, she has recently become one of the most prominent GOP members to oppose the Republican businessman during the last days of the latter's presidency. The Wyoming representative voted in support of Trump's second impeachment after the events of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Newsweek reported.

The Wyoming official is also on the House Select Committee tasked with the responsibility of investigating the events of the Capitol Hill incident. Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois are the only two Republicans who are members of the committee.

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Trump's latest attack against Bush and Cheney is the most recent of his attempts to rebuke his predecessor for supporting the female politician. The Republican businessman is taking advantage of the situation to express his criticism of GOP members who have begun splitting off from the party after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot incident.

The Republican businessman previously accused Bush on Wednesday of being a "RINO", which meant, "Republican In Name Only." He also criticized his predecessor for the start of the U.S. invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, Independent reported.

Investigation of the Capitol Hill Riot

The situation comes after last week when the House Select Committee subpoenaed four of Trump's top advisers, including his chief of staff. The decision was due to documents and depositions of the former president's actions on the day of the incident and the days prior.

In an interview, Cheney said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called her to discuss the creation of the committee. The latter asked the former to join, who immediately agreed to be a member. Cheney said that it was important that she participated in the investigation to make it bipartisan. The lawmaker added that no one will question her conservative credentials if she was part of the committee.

When asked about her feelings of being labeled as a traitor by her GOP colleagues, Cheney said she could no longer sit on the sidelines as Trump continued to spread disinformation and make money off of claiming that the 2020 presidential elections were rigged. The Wyoming representative said the whole United States was betrayed by the former Republican president, CBS News reported.

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