Another stimulus check may never be issued, owing to a lack of agreement among lawmakers. However, the process of obtaining approval for stimulus checks may become more simple in the future.

President Joe Biden may make future coronavirus stimulus checks automatic, eliminating the need for approval through a vote. The first stimulus checks were authorized by Congress in March of last year.

The second stimulus check, on the other hand, took more than eight months for Congress to approve. The Democrats had to use the reconciliation procedure to pass the American Rescue Plan for the third batch of stimulus checks.

President Joe Biden has yet to address automatic stimulus checks

This implies that if specific economic criteria were to trigger, the stimulus checks would automatically kick in. For example, if the unemployment rate falls below a particular threshold, stimulus checks will begin to be sent out, and they will cease once the rate rises over that level.

Those in favor of the concept believe that such a provision would ensure that households would continue to get financial assistance to meet their basic expenditures in the aftermath of a pandemic. Twenty-six Democrats addressed to the White House a few months ago, urging that future payments be made automatic, as per Value Walk.

Since then, many more members of Congress have shown support for this measure, known as "automatic stabilizers." Congressman Andrew Gomez wrote a letter emphasizing the need of making future payments automated.

Even after this, the President's office has yet to issue a remark on the matter. Biden appears to be more concerned with the American Jobs Plan.

The idea was approved on the floor of the United States Senate, but not on the House of Representatives. Senators must propose one of the reconciliation measures, they insist.

The President's administration is pleased to unveil the American Families Plan, which focuses on improving the lives of families. At the same time, there is still a need for another round of payments in the country, as per Digital Market News.

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Petition calls for $2,000 recurring stimulus payments

Many families have received much-needed financial help since the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from stimulus checks to advance Child Tax Credit payments of up to $300 per month per child. Last week, almost 2 million Californians got a second batch of Golden State stimulus checks for $600 or up to $1,100.

If you have a baby or adopt a child this year, you may be eligible for an extra stimulus check worth up to $1,400, though the money won't come until 2022. The delta variant cases continue to have a significant economic effect, with many families seeking more direct aid - one petition requesting $2,000 recurring stimulus payments has received over 2.89 million signatures.

Despite this, Congress has not passed a new stimulus package this year. Instead, lawmakers are concentrating on a $1 trillion infrastructure plan and a $3.5 trillion federal budget proposal that may give more assistance.

The first three stimulus checks helped alleviate burdens such as food insecurity and financial instability, according to researchers. So far, eligible adults have received a maximum of $3,200 and children have earned up to $2,500 during the pandemic.

Per CNET, for low-income families, this isn't enough to make up for lost earnings and benefits. The White House has offered numerous packages since the American Rescue Plan, including the American Jobs Plan and the Build Back Better agenda, but none of them ask for further direct assistance.

According to a June statement from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Joe Biden is "open to a range of ideas" on stimulus spending, but he has already proposed what would be "the most effective in the short term."

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