Estimates show another two million stimulus checks will be issued to cash-strapped Californians in the next week. The additional funds are part of the Golden State Stimulus II program, which will provide $600 to two thirds of citizens.

On August 27, about 600,000 stimulus checks totaling $354 million were deposited as part of the first batch of stimulus payments. Officials with the California Franchise Tax Board announced that two million additional checks will be delivered to Americans in the coming days.

Stimulus checks in California coming within few days

According to National Interest, taxpayers must have a valid Social Security number and must not have received the first payment in order to claim the money. California taxpayers having an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number are eligible for a $1,000 stimulus check.

Per The Sun, Americans with ITINs are ineligible to receive government stimulus funds. Taxpayers who are qualified for the payment should file their 2020 tax forms by October 15.

However, the Orange County Register adds that Californians should expect to wait 45 days for reimbursement once their tax returns have been completed and reviewed.

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Students in this state may be eligible for extra stimulus payment

Meanwhile, another stimulus check is on the way, this one for a specific set of Missouri residents. Missouri State University students may be eligible for a new $1,500 stimulus payment.

That's after the Missouri State University Board of Governors approved the idea a few days ago. The funds are provided by the government Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. According to the US Department of Education, the initial coronavirus relief law enacted by Congress in 2020 established this fund.

These stimulus checks may arrive as soon as a month from now for MSU students. Students in the United States with the most "exceptional" needs will be eligible for up to $1,500 in funding. And the ultimate figure may be much higher, up to $1,600, depending on MSU's final student count for the fall semester. Meanwhile, international students will be eligible for $750. While many other students in the United States receive $1,000.

In terms of how the money will be distributed among students, the school intends to provide them with the choice of accepting or rejecting the new stimulus payment. The money will be deposited into the student's Missouri State account if they want. The cash might then be used to pay off any outstanding debts they may have.

Alternatively, students can ask for the new stimulus payment to be sent to them as a banking direct deposit or a paper check by the school. Regardless of the amount of money owed to the institution by the student.

This occurs as more stimulus payments are distributed across the United States. Families with qualifying children will benefit from the new Child Tax Credit payments, which were only sent a few days ago.

Those payments are part of a six-check series that parents receive once a month for a few hundred dollars. Depending on the number of eligible children in their family, as per BGR via MSN.

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