After the Internal Revenue Service extended the deadline, eligible Americans can still apply for critical COVID-19 stimulus checks and get monthly Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments before the end of the year provided they do so as soon as possible.

Americans may take benefit of the third wave of stimulus checks if they file their 2020 tax returns before the end of the year. They may also be eligible for part of the final two mid-monthly CTC payments if they file their taxes on or before November 1.

In a recent statement, the IRS noted, "File a 2020 tax return electronically as soon as possible to give the IRS time to process and issue the payments by the end of 2021."

Families who filed 2020 tax returns may be eligible for stimulus payments

Families who have their 2020 tax return finalized on or before November 1, may be eligible for two installments of half the credit in 2021, according to the agency. The government is currently on a blitz to remind Americans who requested extensions that they only have a few weeks remaining or face a late penalty, as per The Sun.

The IRS is attempting to persuade Americans that while there is "generally no penalty to file," individuals who wait too long to submit and receive a refund risk losing it entirely. There's still time to make a claim if you missed out on the first round of stimulus checks.

Those who missed out on the first or second wave of stimulus checks - or who were shorted the entire amount owed - can still apply, according to Yahoo! Finance. The IRS recommends that filing a 2020 tax return is the key to receiving a last-minute stimulus payment.

While tax returns are important, many people who are eligible for assistance can get it even if they haven't filed one. The IRS has attempted to assist these low-income families who are eligible for Child Tax Credit but did not earn enough to be required to file a return in order to access its non-filer portal.

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Lawmakers urge to extend Child Tax Credit

The person's eligibility for the third stimulus payment will be determined by the agency. Since March, more than 169 million payments have benefitted Americans. More households are also receiving notice from the federal government that if they qualify - and even if they didn't file taxes by May 17 - they may still submit and get stimulus payments. The stimulus package has shown to be beneficial to a large number of Americans.

According to the most recent stimulus checks report, a proposal has been advanced to prolong the Child Tax Credit until 2025. The Child Tax Credit was implemented on July 15 as part of President Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan, which was signed into law in March 2021.

Caregivers who have children who are eligible should be getting their third-round stimulus checks soon. The Child Tax Credit has been suggested by a few Democrats to be extended until 2025. According to a few Democrats, the Child Tax Credit has been a huge success. In 2022, the credit will expire. They are lobbying for a couple more years of the Child Tax Credit extension as a result of their achievement.

The initial payments, according to Columbia University's Center on Poverty & Social Policy study, helped cut child poverty by 25%. As a result, several Democrats have expressed interest in extending the child tax credit. The majority of people want their credit to be permanent. President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have all stated that they want the benefit to be permanent.

However, the likelihood of the Child Tax Credit causing harm to families is significant. It may cause long-term harm to families, as well as the loss of billions of dollars in government funds due to waste and fraud, as well as the loss of American employment, as per The Digital Market News.

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