The 20th Anniversary 9/11 representation of the Twin Towers symbolizing the spirit of that day was vandalized with the world Taliban on it. That an unknown individual or whoever defaced the memorial, almost like the terrorists themselves. It was an act of desecration for the lives lost in that few hours when jets rained down on American targets.

The Twin Towers became the rallying call for all and became the symbol of a resurging nation that defeated the Taliban in 2001.

9/11 Memorial in Greenville Destroyed 

Last Saturday night, vandals violated the tribute, which commemorates the 20 years past the terror attacks in New York. It was not without cost, when 3,000 died on that day, reported the Sun UK.

The memorial built by the Upstate Granite Solutions, based in Greenville, South Carolina, was a remembrance for all the souls lost. The replica is surrounded by American flags as a symbol of nationalism as well. The vandalism was evident at the bottom of the monument, with one of the structures having the word 'Taliban' done using a spray can.

Paul Nichols, the CEO of the Upstate Granite Solution, spoke to CBS17 that the remembrance is to connect survivors and pay tribute to those who died that day. Especially the firemen and emergency services who died, saving many on that day. He added that they used time and money on the 9/11 monument so that everyone could get together in the spirit of 9/11 and its heroes. The 20th Anniversary 9/11 representation of the Twin Towers shows that the respect for that day's heroes still lingers on.

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By Sunday, the traces of the horrible defacing were removed, with the report already filed by the cops.

Kelly, Nichols' wife, spoke to Fox Carolina about the shocking vandalism, saying it hurt and upset her a lot but was not furious with the person who defaced it. She added that it should be a source of unity in a community, with no need to foster hatred. The remembrance gives people a sense of being one, prop up the first responders, support the troop, and show Americans something to hang onto and believe.

Americans Patriotic Zeal Cannot be Destroyed by a Little Vandalism

On Facebook, the company posted, "Takes more than a little spray paint to destroy our spirit of patriotism!"

The more sobering news is that vandals attacked another memorial for the 13 fallen troops in Kabul in the past week, US flags displayed were torn apart and destroyed on the site. Earlier in September, someone from Riverside, California, set up the remembrance could have been an attack on America and 9/11.

According to Ryan Railsback, the spokesperson of the Riverside Police Department said someone is destroying it on purpose like cutting or ripping. More reports of defaced memorials are cropping up recently like someone against these remembrances destroyed it.

Last Thursday, another flag display was vandalized in Boston. America and Britain, with the allies, beat the Taliban in 2001, who was accused of hiding the Al Qaeda terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Those malign forces of today cannot take away the significance of the 9/11 20th anniversary representation of the Twin Towers by violated by defacement or any remembrance of that fateful day, 

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