The Taliban occupation's terror worsens when Jihadis executes a pregnant ex-Afghan police officer in a house-to-house search. A promise not to execute Afghans does not surprise the terror organization has embarked on a vengeance campaign, leaving many in terrible danger.

Violence and death follow the Jihadis in their wake with brutality and terror after they have taken over on August 31, all over the country with a few pockets of resistance. Their dislike of dissidence of their brutal rule includes the murder of women or anyone who opposed them.

Jihadi murder spree

One of their victims is Banu Negar, who was killed a night earlier in Ghor, Afghanistan, in a horrific violent way reported by the Sun UK.

According to reports, the cruel murder that included shooting her dead, the ruthlessly Taliban's even defiling the dead woman's face. BBC got hold of the news revealed the Jihadis have only become bolder, as the current US administration ignores what the terrorists have been doing since August 31.

Negar, an ex-police officer, is on the hit list of the terror group when killed and was six months pregnant, survived by an infant son. Relatives showed pictures of her corpse on a bloody carpet on social media, and worse is the face busted up by terrorists in the shocking image.

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Extra brutality by vile Jihadis

It seems that bloodied screwdrivers were on the carpet where the corpse lay, which might have been used to mutilate the face further not satisfied in the cold-blooded execution. More shocking images have been circulating with the green walls of her home all covered with blood and the body covered in a sheet that will be bereft of Muslim burial rites if the victim is a follower of Islam. As predicted by western media, the Jihadis are looking for ex-Afghan security members or Afghanis who support the west.

According to Etilaatroz, she was part of the provincial prison before the Taliban took over Kabul after August 31. Negar's death happened from 8 pm to 10 pm last Saturday, said two locals confirming the brutal slaying.

Taliban has glossed over the murder

Despite the story blowing into western media, the secretary of the Taliban's spokesperson, Bilal Karimi, has not said anything but confirmed the information. Taliban are still claiming that the terror groups statement all those who served the former administration is pardoned. But, that's been contradicted by the death squad roaming about looking for their enemies.

After being abandoned by the Biden administration, many interpreters and government servants hide or risk life and limb to get out or maybe end up dead. The Taliban did the same thing before their defeat in 2001. After 20 years, they surged back because Joe Biden agreed to their deadline, left Bagra airbase, and even got a list from the US with people on it. The ex-female police officer is one in the subsequent bloody execution on the Jihadis list.

Women will be brutalized and murdered under oppressive Taliban rule. Made into sex slaves and forced to carry children of these brutal militants, the Jihadis viciously execute a pregnant Ex-Afghan police officer is another of their atrocities.

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