The Taliban is disappointed that Americans got over them, with too many wrecked US combat vehicles demilitarized, leaving them with junk. Initially, they were left with many war fighting vehicles intact, but many were damaged in a hurry out.

The latest report said the Jihadis had equipment in states of disrepair, from Blackhawks, Chinooks, assault prop-driven planes that could have been used to subdue their opposition. Many fighters complain that the equipment should have been left, but US military personnel destroyed what they can.

Talibs cannot repair broken equipment

Despite the problematic pullout by Joe Biden and his officials, many on the ground had the hindsight to scrap fight vehicles before leaving the US bases, as revealed by Gen. Frank Mackenzie, who commanded the evacuation of Kabul, reported the Daily Mail.

According to the reports, there were 73 aircraft grounded due to scuttling by US crews in the last days of the pullout. The terror group was left with only 48 aircraft, but how many are working was not confirmed.

Al Jazeera reported frustrated Jihadis who expected the equipment to be in working condition when they toured the airport after Biden's controversial deadline for the pullout.

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Taliban is disappointed that too many wrecked US combat vehicles were supposed to be left untouched, it was owned by them and made to good use. They are grating over what they called betrayal.

US equipment scuttling has left them useless junk, unusable due to heroic service members who arranged what can be done in the last moments, not the leadership on top.

On the bright side for the Talibs

One statement by the Jihadists is that the airport can run finally in a few days to allow Afghans to leave on with visas. Other hardware left beside the aircraft are 70 anti-mine personal vehicles (MRAP), with only 27 Hummers left; but saddening is 200 US civilians facing the threat of death and abuse. In the last inspection by the US on June 30, the air force had 167 aircraft, 108 helicopters, and 59 airplanes, which were all in working order. Before Kabul fell, the Uzbekistan government verified that 46 Afghani aircraft, with 24 helicopters were sent by friendly forces to keep them from the terror group.

Americans had taken propellers and guns from their aircraft, and other planes were on their belies on the tarmac because their wheels were stripped or destroyed. None can be fixed anymore. It was the general condition of all aircraft but none too specific if they can be rehabilitated, not without cost. Most are obsolete and from the '80s, which need constant maintenance or combat-ready.

Taliban might have some ability if they had a few aircraft, but it's mostly a bust. The few operational aircraft are few and with the Panjshir resistance with more assets. Jihadis hunt for Afghan pilots who can use these machines, but some may be working for them.

Taliban is disappointed their haul of US airpower amounts to junk. Too many wrecked US combat vehicles are less than what the resistance has. Using whatever equipment like a helicopter to execute a man was contested by CNN media ally Joe Biden.

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