For many, the debacle of Afghanistan is a preview of how things will fail against China. US president Joe Biden lessened trust in America's capability when disorganized Jihadis outsmarted the Biden administration. What else if China needs to be dealt with?

This is the question posed by GB News Alastair Stewart, who says the failure to hold Kabul and the recent suicide bombing show that the US president cannot assure its allies anymore.

Under his watch, the Afghan pullout negotiated by Donald Trump had a plan turned aside by the White House. It was a problematic withdrawal that accelerated the Taliban takeover of Kabul. Deaths on the ground by ISIS militants show a basic inability to function as the prior administration.

Fall of Kabul sets a preview that US might fall against China in the future

Stewart said the former Vice-president, now US leader Biden is seemingly dull in foreign policy, which indicates to NATO and allies that China can run ram shod over him easily, reported the Express UK.

Prompting criticisms and loss of confidence, no one can trust America again, noted the GB presenter. Stewart cited that Joe Biden did everything in his power to ignore Donald Trump's 'America First, now it seems his opponent will have the last laugh. The democrat now learns Trump's mantra in foreign policy is pivotal, and his administration is seen as an alleged disgrace spinning the truth too much.Beijing did not waste time to shake Taiwan in believing Americans can save them.

The US president's refusal to put NATO in the loop made it look weak as the world's greatest military that cannot get everyone out. Joe Biden is losing authority that makes a fail against China not far from happening.

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Stewart said that Biden's adamant refusal to the request of UK PM Boris Johnson to extend the evacuation beyond August 31 is problematic. It is a blemish on the cooperation of the two nations, cited Arkansas OnlineHe called the special relationship useless because the US president did not consider Britain's support in the last 20 years in Afghanistan. Also, the snub of Boris Johnson in the first 36-hours of the crisis.

In 48-hours, the disastrous US administration allowed the ISIS-K airport bombing to happen. But, the US administration claims it killed a top leader. Afghanistan fell and the Biden administration is in denial, the GB host added. Stewart remarked that allies are disunited by the US leader and found wanting to prevent the nightmare of leaving thousands at the Taliban's mercy is a terrible reality.

China looms, and US allies in the Indo-Pacific

In the chaos of Afghanistan, the US sent a Coast Guard cutter to the Taiwan Strait last Friday, noted Al Jazeera. The ship Arleigh-Burke class, USS Kid with the Coast Guard Cutter Munro passing through international waters based on international law, remarked the US Navy.

China has held numerous drills to scare Taiwan, Chinese jets and ships have violated its territory. Beijing called attention to the transit and said PLA units were monitoring the US ship's progress.

Joe Biden's decisions concerning Kabul show that the catastrophic administration cannot discount a fail against China.

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