The American Special Forces are not pleased as British Commandos are doing rescue missions while standing down. With the White House in disgrace and Americans not getting rescued while allied commandos are out on dangerous rescue missions in Kabul.

They complained that the US forces are looking useless in Afghanistan, as the allies bring in small people. That makes them look bad politically.

America is looking bad under Biden

Sources say that Washington is binding their special forces not to enter Kabul to rescue trapped Americans and be caught by the Taliban holding Joe Biden hostage, even asking the British SAS to abandon their people in Kabul.

It all started when an American daily wrote that a US office allegedly told the Brits to stop because the US is floundering politically under the new administration, reported the UK Express.

To that end, the UK special ops confirmed the US request. SAS source spoke to the Mirror and confirmed that the white house sent a request the past few days, but their soldiers are up to it simply to the US representative and will do the job.

The anonymous source said all is well for all special ops conduction actions in Kabul and even teaming up on the covert rescue missions.

Brit are outsmarting the Jihadis

In the background, the 2 Para of the 16th Air Assault Brigade is busy getting entitles evacuees under Taliban nose. One more report is the British Special forces have caused the Jihadis to stop putting pressure on the evacuation. At the same time, American Special Forces sit it out while US citizens fear for their lives.

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Most of the British special ops have learned how to deal with Mullahs in the field. It is a practical move to ensure all Britons and entitled Afghans will get out safely and sooner.

This initiative by British special ops commandoes has worked well and gained results, while US forces are couped up on Washington's orders. The commandos are holding well under the pressure of seeing the cruel Jihadi's handiwork, with compassion and sympathy shown to the trapped afghans.

In only 24 hours, the UK operators have gotten more than 1,800 people out of Kabul. To that effect, the deadline to bring more people out has been moved to Friday or Saturday, said the Times.

As of the last reporting, the UK can accommodate a total of 6,000 to 12,000 Afghans. It was British citizens and Afghan interpreters who can enter Britain. Changes allow other Afghanis to go to the UK. There is a provision for the families of eligible people to join their family members with these rules.

New from the Biden administration that the deadline might be extended for keeping US troops in Afghanistan. But so far, nothing is definite, and the discussions are not final; no one knows how well this part will pan out.

Biden said the taking people out of Kabul will not be easy, how early or late. He highlighted everything but a plan to get everyone out. He will soon meet with the G7 leaders, who would have an earful with him, over the debacle in Kabul. It comes after a discussion with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

American Special Forces have been useless as the Potus does not listen, while British special forces move at speed against the Taliban. Many Americans ask why no rescue missions?

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