Reports from the WHO team in Wuhan reveals compelling new evidence in their investigation. Once thought to be far fetched, but this time, the virus might have come from a lab.

The World Health Organization is going to ground zero of the Coronavirus and where it began, Wuhan.

Ground zero for the COVID-19

The specialists from the WHO looking into the speculative origins of the COVID-19 pandemic have found unique data. Other inputs from the team members are that more progress is coming, they said. The biggest news is that the virus may have been manufactured in a lab, told Sky News.

According to Dr. Peter Daszak, he told an outlet that the team is acquiring new information. Citing that, it gives clues to track down the COVID-19 origins more. So far, except for China as the source of the "CCP Virus," nothing else is known.

The team went to the Huanan seafood market, where the first cases last year came from. It is where the first cluster of COVID-19 patients was discovered.

Going to the market, the specialists asked questions from those concerned, like market managers. Other sources of information were the vendors selling in the area. One more source is the immediate community nearby.

The first anniversary of the deadly pandemic

The mission's arrival in China is precisely a year from outbreaks beginning. They were supposed to arrive earlier in China, but it was delayed due to Chinese authorities' access permission. Still, cited that Chinese scientists were doing their research in the meantime. Daszak said the WHO team in Wuhan is finding more data to be discovered.

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He added that new data is shared with them that has not been available to the World Health Organization. Furthermore, they are sharing ideas to consider possibilities not considered before. Research-wise, some developments will be pursued.

 Offering the observation that is contrary to what people think, China wants to help in the investigation.

 Wuhan Institute of Virology

 The WIV, according to narratives, is the place where the first generation of the virus escaped. According to the researchers who worked there and worked with coronaviruses, there is no way to leak. But, the team is not done yet, and that possibility is still up in the air.

Specialists are aware of the conspiracy theories and hypotheses of the notorious WIV Lab in the narratives. One of the objectives is to ask the right questions regarding the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The data leads are where the team will go, whatever conclusion the international team of specialists ends up. From the suspected source to other places not expected, they will go to find a relevant conclusion.

 Daszak mentioned he has worked with Dr. Shi Zhengli, who is connected to the WIV, immediately he said there would be no impartiality.

 Supervision by Chinese authorities

The World Health Organization probe is anything but free because the specialists are kept isolated to keep them protected. Some say it is not genuine but staged said critics of China. One point is, why visit a museum when tracking down clues is more critical?


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