An enormous Sicklefin Lemon shark bites a fisherman in the lower half of the torso on a fishing trip. The victim was injured that worried the others, but he somehow was able to escape its jaws.

The unexpected shark attack happened on Varanus Island that is close to the coastal waters of Western Australia. It was mentioned the particular shark was called the big one.

The victim of the vicious bite given by the ferocious predator is a 30-year-old fisherman. The other fishermen gave the first aid to help the injured man survive, reported the Express UK.

Ten agonizing hours back to shore after being bitten by a Lemon shark

Unfortunately, the attack happened at Varanus Island, which was a long return trip to Exmouth Wharf, an ambulance waiting for their arrival.

No one remembers how long it took to get to land. This trip back took ten arduous hours to get the injured fisherman to shore, which took long.

The World News Net said that a spokeswoman for St John Ambulance said the extent of the man's injuries were a 'few bites' on the man's lower body. She added the man got bitten at 8:30 pm, but the shark misses his vital organs.

Once the victim was on shore, the paramedics worked to stabilize his condition. One source said the wounds bled profusely and was needed to be stopped.

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The 30-year-old victim was treated in an Exmouth hospital, and later flown to Perth via the Royal Flying Doctor Service jet. The condition of the injuries needs to be treated further in a better hospital.

The victim was asked how big was the shark that attacked him, and he said it was more than 20-feet. Authorities identified the shark as a Sicklefin Lemon Shark.

Sicklefin Lemon Sharks are aloof and docile species

An expert said the shark is found in Australian waters and reaches 21 to 24 feet long when mature. These fish are seen in shallow waters that are 301.837 feet deep.

Agencies like the local fishing authority are looking into what happened at Varanus Island. Getting bitten by such a shark species is very rare. Reasons behind why it bit a human is still not verified.

According to Peter Godfrey from the shark response unit at DPIRD, big sharks, but with small teeth, live in the deeper parts, citing the Daily Advent.

He added these large sharks are very docile and rarely attacks humans, based on his knowledge. The only time it would bite is if something threatens it seriously.

Interactions with these sharks depend on the circumstances of the encounter. It is noted that the animal will do what it needs when it feels threatened, even biting to defend itself.

According to the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) scientist Conrad Speed, experienced in tagging Lemons sharks in the Ningaloo coast of western Australia, they are usually aloof. Only the fish caught by spearmen could catch their attention.

These sharks are very wary of humans and will rarely interact or approach any human in the water.

The lemon shark bites fisherman is one of those oddities not following the animal's behavior patterns, and shark attacks are increasing lately.

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