The danger posed by China's ambition as a nuclear and space superpower is not a trifle as a US general who warned about it. Beijing's rise comes as the US weakens in the forefront. It turned to Britain to help control the threat in the east, which it did, by supporting other allies in Asia.

Not so confident of stopping the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from its military designs, even US allies are getting fearful, and Xi Jinping knows it.

The US declines in military strength

General John Hyten, the Joint Chiefs of Staff vice chairman, said that even the British Command would need to pitch in as American resources are running thin. He talked about a combat cloud accessible by US and UK services, in conflict does arise, reported Express UK.

One more concern is the more belligerent foreign and defense policies that have come to the fore, as the PLA expansion in the SCS gets more active.

Beijing's military has grabbed almost 90% of the South China Sea's waterways in breach of international law, angering several other Asian countries.

The Chinese Communist Party's abuse of Uighur Muslims and suppression of Hong Kong's people have resulted in international censure.

China steps ahead to become the Superpower in the world

Hyten is not pleased to say the US military is getting frayed at the edges, as the PLA smartly militarizes the SCS and other flashpoints. Sending forces and not fighting is a scary idea that China is bidding its time.

The general simply said that the last 20 years were focused on bureaucracy while things moved. Adding that, it was pure denial that the CCP was not already preparing for now. China's ambition as a nuclear and space superpower expresses its desire to be the top country.

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China is the most significant threat in everyone's face, and the US seems to ignore it. Catching up on key technologies for military application in nukes, super-fast missiles, space, and the cyber realm. Think China's ambition as a nuclear and space superpower is a stepping stone to supplant the US, which is a serious threat.

Bad news comes as the Chinese cyber capabilities are formidable, and Washington realizes it will have such ramifications in the future. The Pentagon hosted a wargame last October, which ended with the US trounced and beaten.

According to Wired, the defense of Taiwan fell in a simulation via computers. The US failed to stop China, and Taiwan was captured.

According to sources, the US information systems have initially been disrupted when the exercise began. Its tactic of mobilizing forces in one position made American assets an easy target.

The general said in defensenews that the exercise was a complete waste of time, and the US was routed so badly in the theoretical war. Furthermore, the red team 'China' has kept its eyes open wide, studying what the Americans will do. Adversaries just were better and were running rings while the other flailed.

For all, America's might was defeated by a less advanced PLA. They know how the US fights and countered it.This is why the combat cloud exists to have information on the enemy. America lost Taiwan because no information was available.

Xi Jinping and the CCP are still torturing Taipei by its continuous sorties just this week. Last Tuesday, the PLAN had another simulated assault to practice capturing Taiwan.The island enclave refuses to yield to the claims of the communists in Beijing; taking the island by force is not a problem for them.

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