Concerns over whether Australia cannot repel a Chinese attack were raised by a New South Wales (NSW) senator. This came as Beijing has been rankling against Canberra, which has been vocally anti-China, from COVID to the South China Sea, it has been a thorn on Xi Jinping's side.

Events in the Indo-Pacific are moving fast, and Australia is there in the thick of it. Despite arming up, the might of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is daunting, especially if no help from the US is not coming.

Some are afraid that it will be on its own, especially that China may not stop itself from silencing Canberra with a rain of missiles.

Australia cannot rely on the US for back up

The NSW Senator Jim Molan seriously questioned the government how it could fight Beijing in a full-out war, speaking on Sky News Australia.

He stressed that the country could not sustain a sufficient defense to push back an overbearing China. Another one, the current American forces are far more weakened by the Biden administration, anticipating a significant response fron the US should not be expected.

Australia will not be able to go toe to toe with China in a Pacific war alone. Citing the documents which Canberra and the defense department show the real score, reported the Express UK.

Molan is not confident that longtime ally, the United States, will be there in a snap, leaving them to fend for themselves against considerable odds.

He said that the present administration and the current Democrat US President, does not elicit confidence to have the leadership to muster the allies in a full-blown pacific war. Chances are Australia cannot repel a Chinese attack if no help is sent.

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Furthermore, intel on China indicates that Australia will be in the line of fire once Beijing wages war. Supposedly, the US will be the one to contain the waring PLA, but the US president is being unassertive.

Dropping off capabilities of the US Armed Forces

Before 1991, the US war power was far better with the Soviet threat, and it is down to 30-50% by now.

This is a relevant indicator if they can defend Taiwan, and the outlook is grim because the USis diffident. If they cannot support the island enclave, Australia will be hard-pressed to keep its liberty from a vengeful China.

Looking at factors how the Australian Defense Force (ADF) can fight and how long it can hold on. The senator is not confident how long peace can last before the tension blows. He added it might only take 48 hours before the ADF falls, leaving the country helpless.

On the offside, a conflict might be avoided in the Indo-Pacific. Nations in the South China Sea (SCS) are building arsenals, but it can or cannot happen. One of his fears in the country will be significantly affected as collateral damage in the US versus China conflict.

Based on odds on a Taiwan scenario, the US has not won any in several years that is an alarming indication of an actual conflict. What if the US allows Beijing to win without a shot fired?

One more concern is whether the US will pass the buck to defend Taiwan, cited VOA News. This might be the case with Japan's increased involvement in Taiwan affairs, and Beijing has threatened nuclear attack.

If Australia cannot repel a Chinese attack, then it falls with Taiwan then next will be smaller countries. All because the US got weaker and less capable. "My fear is that a war between China and the US may occur and we get made collateral damage," Molan asserts.

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