The Su-75 Checkmate 5th Generation fighter is a competitor to the F-35, as the most recent news indicates. But there is a catch because it is not confirmed yet, or it is pitching a new product of Soviet technology. There is no record of whether an actual prototype has been flown yet. 

One speculation is that the new jet will be controlled by sophisticated software like the American F-35. All the interfaces will involve soft in its control.

The hype in social media leads to a debate on the actual performance of the plane. The discussion arises too over the actual abilities of the Checkmate is not defined. A scale model has been presented, yet what is needed is the exact model.

The Checkmate's advanced design needs to be proven yet

One big difference from the F-35 Lightning II is that it has flown and has three variants. The Checkmate has not had a test flight yet, so it cannot claim to be like an F-35, for its performance has not been proven yet.

New methods of creating new planes faster lie in deciding what works best without lengthy trial and error. Designers have more precise digital tools to push the envelope of aircraft design. The Russian stealth jet might take some time before an actual plane does fly, reported the National Interest.

Developers must also consider the technical aspects of the plane. For instance, how the seams are connected flush, so stealth is not compromised. One miscalculation on the skin of the aircraft will give it away to radar.

How advanced are the materials for radar absorption and the airframe for the Su-75 Checkmate? And how soon can one be built? Is the planned assembly line capable of producing an advanced jet like the F-35?

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Questions arise on how much is needed to keep the plane in flying condition, cost-effective, or costs too much. Next is the technical aspect of keeping all avionics and weapons systems in perfect condition. Expensive aircraft have many requirements and require a lot of maintenance. There will be no point in having them if they will not be sustained.

To make a 5th generation aircraft is a daunting task, and many considerations will determine how the Checkmate will turn out.

The F-35 has robust sensors installed on it and the most advance. The Lightning II must be outclassed by the Checkmate or anyone else to be considered its predecessor. Next is a powerful processor that controls the jet's function via advance AI, how well the avionics are, and the navigation platform an electronic control.

In combat are an advanced targeting and firing system of the weapons to track the target and guide how the weapons are fired. Automating these functions will give an edge like the F-35 outstanding sensors installed.

Will the Checkmate outclass the F-35 Lightning II?

For now, the hyped Russian stealth fighter is undefined but might be developed even better than an F-35 or F-22 as an advanced fighter. Will the developers at Sukhoi use digital engineering to fast track its development, critical stages; that we no one can tell.

The US Air Force used a digital platform to make the Next Generation Air Dominance program or NGAD, even before the advanced fighter flew. It tested a real plane virtually in a shorter time than it took for standard processes.

 If the Su-75 Checkmate goes digital, there might be one flying soon enough to compare to the F-35, putting behind the uncertainties and verifying that the Russian Su-5 Checkmate is the best 5th generation fighter aircraft.

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