Russia unveils a new fighter jet after all the buzz surrounding a design that is speculated to share similarities to 6th generation aircraft. But most of the tech or data has not been fully revealed. It is only a teaser for now.

There is an intense competition by nations to produce something better than the F-35 or F-22. Furthermore, new technologies like stealth and supercruise are getting to be important, but this has yet to be verified.

Recently on social media, Russia hyped a new light-to-medium-weight fighter, or what seems to be a scale model of the actual plane. The plane was designed by Russian aerospace United Aircraft Corporation, which showed initial images of the top-secret design, cited Knowledia.

A new fighter

The speculated plane, which is a new and unique military aircraft to be officially unveiled at the MAKS international air show, was the subject of earlier announcements. Next week, it will be at Moscow's Zhukovsky International Airport, reported the Drive.

It was the United Aircraft Corporation, an umbrella organization of Russian major aerospace firms, that was the source of the initial rumors. Last July 11, they posted something about the shadowy plane on Twitter.

In social media posts written in Russian, it says it is less difficult than it appears. #checkmate.

When Russia unveils a new fighter jet that is new and unique, a countdown website built by Rostec, the Russian state corporation in charge of UAC, had the Knight design.

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Last July 13, a video was posted to YouTube confirming that it recently developed a combat plane. It was also stated that it was being offered to the United Arab Emirates, India, Vietnam, and Argentina.

The video featured pilots from these countries, and a shadow of an unknown airplane that indicated a twin fin.

New design?

This new plane does not appear to be identical to the current designs in the photographs. Whether it's a scaled model or a real one, and how far along the development is at present.

The design was done several years back when the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and MiG aerospace had collaborated on the Lightweight Multifunctional Tactical Aircraft project (LMTA).

Its Russian translation is the Logkiy Mnogofunktsionalnyi Frontovoi Samolyot, aka the LMFS.

The LMFS was in the final years of the Soviet Union, and a 1986 request for two complementing new fighter jets from the MiG design bureau. The LMFS was supposed to replace the MiG-29, but the Soviet Union dissolved, puts an end to the LMFS program.

In the 90s, the lightweight fighter concept was resurrected and it vied for the Future Air Complex of Tactical Aviation. In Russian, it was the PAK FA requirement. Eventually, the MiG design had lost to the Sukhoi T-50 program in 2002 and later produced the Su-57.

But MiG is still doing low-scale, conceptual work that is funded by the aerospace firm as a continuation of the LMFS. For the unknown jet plane, it might use a single, not dual engine. This project has caught the attention of the media, especially those interested in next-gen fighters.

Russia unveils a new fighter jet but many nations are preferring their own home-grown fighter, which will lessen possible takers for 6th gen Russia designs.

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