A Russian camper was mauled and snacked on by a giant bear while his three friends barely escaped the fatal ambush. The massive predator ate the victim while the others escaped, fleeing in terror while their friend was dined on.

The account of the survivors is that one of their companions had no chance as the bear bore on and slew the unlucky victim. It was a sheer terror to see their friend killed. Without shoes on, they walked seven hours until they found help.

One of the survivors, Anton Shelkunov, 42, could recall his terror as the fierce predator attacked them in Siberian National Park. He saw the huge head drooling when it lunged and attacked them.

Hungry bear panicks and attacks seizing one camper

The scene of the tragedy was at Yergaki Nature Park, located in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, where Yevgeny Starkov, 42, was fatally mauled. While he was preparing to stow his equipment, he was struck down, as related by Shelkunov.

The animal was less than twenty feet away when they saw it charge, based on the survivor's accounts. Everyone got away except Starkov, who got caught by the giant predator, reported the Sun UK.

The first time tourist to Yergaki Nature Park was taken off guard by the unique lithe and fast animal. Its sharp claws and jaws ripped Starkov; he never had a chance.

Shelkunov recounted that the horrendous attack happened at 6 am, early morning. He was getting his backpack when he looked around for a brushing sound. A bear's large head was sticking out of two stones, eyeing them.

In absolute terror, he shouted to warn the others that he saw a bear. In their panic, they frantically ran as the huge omnivore bellowed and charged after them. Unfortunately, Starkov, a tourist, was caught unaware and mauled and snacked by the giant bear.

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Shelkunov added that the other campers were Pavel Zhemchugov, 32, Yevgeny Dobrorodny, 33, who ran with him like madmen to escape ending up like tourist Starkov. They got away but unluckily, their friend was left to be eaten by the fierce bear.

The Russian camper, Starkov, was dead by the time they fled in terror. During their fearful dash to avoid ending up like the victim, running for their lives along a hollow.

The panicked campers were lucky enough to get away on a full run as the bear chased them, media outlet NGS24 reported the news in Russia.

Survivors barely escaped the ambush to seek help

The three survivors escaped by climbing a rock that was 50 meters high to get away from the raging bear to eat another camper.

When they got up the rocks with a view of camp carnage, they were shocked to see Starkov being eaten by the enormous bear.

He added the bear looked at them while munching on Starkov, so they went higher! They remained atop the rocks and barefoot for 15 minutes to decide what to do next.

Afterward, they walked, without shoes on, for seven hours to reach authorities and report that a bear has munched on their pal.

Later the park director, Igor Gryazin had verified that Starkov was mauled and eaten when camping. Also, it was a bear that killed the victim, cited What's New2Day.

After the report, the park helicopter scanned the area for the camper's remains. To no avail, they could not find it, considering the site to be secluded, and no one has been to the gruesome bear attack.

Spokesperson Yulia Arbuzova of the Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that the camper's body mauled and snacked on by a giant bear is not located yet.

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