Shocking images show that chimpanzees massacre and cannibalize gorilla infants in Africa, Gabon's Loango National Park. The researchers were surprised to see the smaller primates all over, the more oversized gorilla, engaged in all-out conflict just like humans.

The Gabon chimps were attacking and causing grievous harm to the more giant apes. Both of them live in the region, in separate groups. It was a first for scientists to witness this kind of extreme violence shown by the smaller primates in their prey hunting. 

Effects of climate change lead to brawl among primate

Primatologist from Max Planck Institute, Tobias Deschner, explained there must have been an acute shortage of food in Loango National Park. It was the cause of physical fights between chimp and gorilla.According to a press statement, they are citing what climate change is doing to food sources in their local habitats, which is a serious concern, cites  MPG.

Each group was competing for more food, but trouble followed, leading to physical attacks that led to gorilla infant deaths. All because the changing climate affects the park environment. This seeing chimpanzee massacre and cannibalized gorilla infants as unusual. 

There was an encounter between 27 chimpanzees when five silverbacks were inside a scrub when the smaller apes were making noises to others. One of the gorillas had enough and mowed down a female chimp, according to CNN.

Next, the silverback was covered on all sides by nine male chimps and one female. They harassed the bigger ape by jumping and hitting the lone gorilla that ran away from them.

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Littlegrey and an adult male grabbed a gorilla infant in the fray. After inspections, the ape turns murderous. He struck the infant several times, almost killing it. The troop of smaller apes killed another infant. 

Gigantic apes stalked, reinforcements results to melee

A second attack happened on December 11, 2019, 72 minutes long and seen by scientists. Exactly at 12:26 pm, Freddy the chimp stopped and made barks to companions. They were looking at the resting female gorilla, who tried to scare them smaller apes off. Soon other great apes were there to assist her after being heard.

The chimps weren't afraid of the more enormous apes and were ready to attack via the tree. All gorillas escaped except for a female and an infant. At 12:50, the infant was not with the tremendous female ape because it was slain by Ceasar (chimp), who killed it.

These lethal attacks, said a group of experts from the Osnabrück University and the Max Planck Institute, result from the animals struggling for food, reported the Daily Mail.

Before these events, they observed nine occasions in 2014 and 2018 when the two groups mingled peacefully and even shared fruiting trees.The peace ended in 2019 when on two occasions, it was the chimps forming coalitions and assaulting a family of gorillas for about 124 minutes. Casualties were two dead infant gorillas after the melee.

Almost human-like, with another melee with a group of gorillas that lost an infant cannibalized by a female chimp. It seems that chimpanzees massacre and cannibalized gorilla infants. The episode shows a side that small apes did not see. 

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