The US Maritime Force is one of the premier naval forces globally, but it cannot be the best without these Navy weapons to win a war! From the pilots to the serviceman, all the tools are provided overcome all adversaries.

Its theatre of combat is full of problems to overcome, and the US Navy has been adapting to all kinds of situations from the first time the first ship and sailor set sail.

In the 2020s, some changes involve adapting equipment like the F-35 to a naval requirement, which is different from the A or B variant.

Naval aviator is where equipment and men are broken or forged, and another specialist equipment is just as needed. High tech and high powered from planes and hand-held weaponry makes the difference, reported the Nationalist Interest.

Navy Seals the best buddy, the MK23

The Navy SEALs are the deadliest service and the one to beat. In their hands is the Heckler & Koch MK23, which was once the standard service firearm in the navy. For the unit, the MK23 uses 45 cal. ACP is not the usual 9-mm. A special bullet like a high-powered 185-grain +P ammo is issued to them.

It's a hefty handgun but not so heavy as it looks due to a polymer pistol frame. The gun shoots well with better accuracy and a barrel that is almost six inches in length. Ammunition capacity is 12 rounds per clip.

In the hands of an expert SEAL, this is as good as the most expensive combat plane. It is well suited for what they do. One of the navy weapons to win a war, when it comes to face to face or close proximity.

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Columbia class subs

This will replace the Ohio class that will soon be more powerful in many respects once the new boar is built and in service. Ohio is getting old; China and Russia are modernizing their submarine fleets to defeat the USN.

Compared to their predecessor, which has far more missile silos, the following nuclear missile ICBM sub will have the improved Trident ICBMs that can end civilization. Better yet, they got the improvement to creep up nuclear peers undetected and unleash Armageddon in one instant.

These silent killers have anechoic tiles, which is an improvement over the older ICBM hell-bringer. These tiles on the hull are made of rubber with an air pocket to dampen sonar pings until it lets loose its nuclear arsenal.

Pushing it underwater almost undetected is an advanced electric drive, reputed to make less noise, even nuclear-powered too.

Barrett M82 rifle variants: 50. cal beasts

Navy service members fight on land and sea, and long-range rifles for sniping need the best one. The chosen one is the Barrett M82 and its variants. First used in the 1980s and made by hand, but it's gone a long way.

It fires a .50 BMG cartridge for long shots up to 1800 meters or a mile for sniper kills. A barrel that is light and releases heat with multiple shots.

F-35C Stealth fighter

Last, is the c variant, which is optimized for carrier operations, specially modified for naval use. The improved airframe is for naval use and larger wing than the B or A variant. Larger wings are better for low speeds and can be folded for space-saving.Compared to the two other types of F-35, it has a more extended range and carries more weapons.

There are essential and advanced Navy weapons to win a war for the US, and in time, it will just get better eventually.

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