Terror strikes when a 100-Kg giant bull shark takes a big bite into a man's leg by surprise. The handler did not expect the animal to attack him but he somehow survived the ordeal.

The animal handler, Boontem Singsura, 55, did not expect the shark that was trying to move. While they tried to transfer the shark due to low tide, it got to latch on his leg and cause profuse bleeding The others had to take him out of the water before the other sharks get into a frenzy.

His companions struggled as the fish bit down hard on the man's leg. They got his leg out before the shark got a chance with another bite. Bull sharks are very pugnacious by nature, which placed the injured handler in great danger.

Sharks are mean predators

Singsura was doing the usual in moving the sharks, all three of them, one at a time, at the Kung Kraben Aquaculture Demonstration Facility, Thailand, reported the Mirror UK.

The bite happened when the sea creatures were to be moved during low tide. The victim was sitting on the head of the ten year old shark to keep it under control, while guiding it to where it will be transferred, when it suddenly tensed and bit his right leg.

Everyone knows that sharks could get aggressive if they smell blood in the water, it would be dangerous for animals handlers. 

Colleagues lifted the injured man to keep him out of the water, and the medical staff had begun working on the puncture wounds.

According to Manas Kongsri, 50, the predators were decoyed into the tunnel, but Singsura probbably had made a wrong move causing the animal to panick, noted the Daily Advent. The bull shark then takes a big bite into Singsura's leg that took him by surprise.

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They assume the shark was already familiar them because ofaprevious incident when they did CPR on it andeven placing a tube in its mouth. Next thing, it has bitten one of its caretakers. Kongsri expressed terror at the bloody attack and said that he would not go into the shark pond again, cited News Locker.

The bite caused severe punctures on the skin, and blood flowed out continuously. The skin where the teeth bit into even had flesh hanging loosely.

Once given temporary aid to staunch the blood flow by providing first aid, the victim was sent to Tha Mai Hospital to for further treatment of the severe injury. At most, wounds only got stitched, but the bite was big.

Except for the mishap with Singsura, the three bull sharks were transferred successfully and no other accident happened to any other handler.

A spate of shark attacks all over the world

In the US, in New York, Jones Beach State Park, another shark attack was recorded and was a lifeguard getting a chomp from the predator.

The man was given immediate treatment at the scene by emergency services before getting transported to a medical Centre for further examination and treatment.

They prevented any more shark attacks, no swimming on the beach a week ago, with more sharks seen on the beachfront. Police deployed drones to check the water and safety of the place.

The regional director of NYS Parks, George Gorman, mentioned that they have drones to scan the water for potential sharks on the beach. He added the park is always looking for signs of danger to protect the public.

Bull sharks are dangerous, just like other aggressive animals, should be handled properly and not to be taken lightly to avoid accidents in the future.

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