In a new poll gauging the popularity of prominent Republicans, Donald Trump Jr. and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis led other GOP politicians. According to Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, former President Trump's eldest son is the most popular among the GOP personalities in the survey, according to Fabrizio, Lee & Associates.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Reps. Matt Gaetz finished in third and fourth, respectively, followed by Marjorie Taylor Greene. All three received higher marks than Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader.

Meanwhile, Rep. Liz Cheney, who was kicked out of the Republican leadership earlier this year for speaking out against former President Donald Trump's participation in the January 6 Capitol violence, had a negative response from the 800 Republicans surveyed. She has expressed her desire to see the Republican Party develop away from Trump's influence on several occasions.

Result of Most Popular Republicans poll

Senator Mitch McConnell, the party's long-time leader, was placed lower than his younger, more attention-seeking colleagues. It's no surprise that the most popular Republicans are the ones that are constantly talked about in media. The survey comprised 800 Republican voters who responded between July 6 and 8, with a margin of error of 3.46 percent, as per AXIOS.

Donald Trump Jr., appears to be the most anxious in remaining relevant among the Trump children although Ivanka, Tiffany, and Eric Trump have kept a low profile since leaving the White House. He spends most of his time on social media, where he regularly laments how restricted social media sites are for him and his father.

According to the poll, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump and accepted Speaker Nancy Pelosi's appointment to the January 6 riot commission, is in the gutter within her party. She has become the face of the House GOP's waning opposition to former President Trump. Cheney has a negative 43% approval rating among Republicans.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was removed from her committee assignments this year after making a series of remarks that included supporting a 9/11 conspiracy theory accusing Nancy Pelosi of treason and blaming lasers from space for California wildfires, has a net positive 8%. After being kicked out of committees, the legislators raised a significant amount of money, Daily Mail reported.

DeSantis, 42, hails from a crucial presidential battleground state that helped Trump win in 2016. Although his state has become a national hub for new coronavirus infections, he has attempted to carve himself a place as a spearhead of resistance to coronavirus restrictions.

Former President Donald Trump, who continues to criticize President Joe Biden constantly and claims the 2020 election was stolen, was not included in the popularity ratings. In the weeks following the Capitol riot on January 6, Trump has seen elected Republicans in Congress fall behind his claims.

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Will Donald Trump Jr. run in the 2024 election?

While Donald Trump Jr., likes being on the campaign trail, he does not appear to have any current intentions to run for president. Per PEOPLE via MSN, Don Jr., claimed he hasn't "personally considered" running for the White House in the next election cycle during a recent interview with Fox News at a Conservative Political Action Conference meeting in Texas.

Lara Trump, President Trump's daughter-in-law, also ruled out a run for the Senate last month; but she added that she wouldn't say "no forever." On the other hand, DeSantis was recognized as the top contender for the president in 2024 in a recent straw poll conducted at the Western Conservative Summit and organized by the Centennial Institute of Colorado Christian University, with 74.12 percent, edging Trump.

DeSantis had previously finished second to Trump in a straw poll held at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February. He came in first in a survey that did not include the previous president's name.

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