Prince Charles reportedly will prevent his brother Prince Edward from becoming Duke of Edinburgh. However, the action by the Prince of Wales goes against his father, Prince Philip's, wishes for his demise.

The title of Duke of Edinburgh can be carried down through the royal family. And the former Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April at the age of 99 and was buried in front of 30 mourners at Windsor Castle's St George's Chapel, intended his son Edward to take up the title if he died.

However, Prince Charles is prepared to veto the proposal because he wants a "slimmer monarchy" as the future King. The funeral was attended by Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, as well as Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Is Edward fit to receive his father's title?

A source close to Prince Charles told the Daily Mail that the title Prince is not about if Edward becomes Duke of Edinburgh by rite or not as there are discussions about the top tier of the Royal Family. "It isn't just about whether Prince Edward becomes Duke of Edinburgh by the rite of passage or not, there have been discussions about the whole top tier of the Royal Family."

Prince Charles, who inherited all of his father's titles as Philip's eldest son, has stated that he is opposed to the concept. According to a source close to him, the Prince is now the Duke of Edinburgh, and it is up to him to decide what happens to the title, which will not pass to Prince Edward.

It's difficult to imagine anything more heartbreaking for the Queen's youngest son than those final six words' brutal certainty. He was not only certain in his claim to the title, but he is also a trustee of his father's most enduring legacy, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards system, and is generally anticipated to succeed him as a patron.

Prince Edward and Sophie, the middle-class daughter of a tire business executive who has gotten particularly close to Queen Elizabeth II, would have a lot of compassion. Sophie has grown into a trustworthy and dependable working family member after a rocky start.

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Why Prince Charles won't allow Edward to be the Duke of Edinburgh?

According to royal commentator Richard Kay, Prince Charles' ambition to simplify the monarchy may explain why the Prince of Wales refuses to pass on the Duke of Edinburgh title to his younger brother. When Prince Charles becomes King, reported plans to reform and modernize the Royal Family structure, never confirmed by Clarence House, may see just the core members of the Firm carrying titles - himself, Camilla, and the Cambridges.

As a result, Kay believes Prince Charles would prefer that his grandson and probable future working royal Prince Louis, rather than Prince Edward and, potentially, his son James, Viscount Severn, bear his father's title, Daily Express reported.

After Prince Philip's death on April 9, Prince Charles inherited all of his father's titles, including the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh title. His titles will combine with the Crown when he becomes King, and it will be up to him to decide whether to bestow them on his close relatives or keep them in abeyance.

Per The Sun, Prince Philip is believed to be fully aware of Prince Edward's limited options compared to Charles' abundance of titles - something the future King is supposed to be rethinking as he prepares for his upcoming reign. According to reports, he prefers fewer royal titles and commitments than his predecessors, implying that the Duke of Edinburgh title may be dropped.

Prince Edward is believed to be aware that he will not be awarded the title without a confrontation. The Earl of Wessex previously stated that the title was "bittersweet" since it could only be given to him "when both my parents have truly passed away."

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