The abrasive fallout from the assassination of Haitiian President Jovenel Moise was evident on Friday. It was witnessed near his private residence in Port-au-Prince's capital. Spent bullet casings, burned-out cars, bullet-pocked walls, and bloodstains were what remained after a shootout between the police and a number of the suspected assassins on Route de Kenscoff.

People made efforts to recover usable materials from a burned-out car during a demonstration one day following the murder of Moise, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Thursday. The president was assassinated following a group of armed men attacking his private residence. His wife, First Lady Martine Moise, was severely injured.

A crowd was protesting against his assassination near the police station of Petion Ville in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Thursday. Officials vowed to find people responsible for the pre-dawn raid at the president's home on Wednesday. Police searched the Petion Ville, a Morne Calvaire district, for suspects.

American citizen identified as one of the suspects

James Solages was one of the two American citizens embroiled in the assassination of Moise. One family member described him as a hardworking, funny, and family-loving man. The news of his alleged involvement in the incident stunned the family.

According to the relative, who opted to stay anonymous, he or she is seeing all of this on the television and has never thought anything like this would happen. He or she does not know what is going on, aside from the information provided by the news. The family is gobsmacked and is trying to figure out what is transpiring, reported The Daily Beast.

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Asking the US for Help

Haiti authorities have appealed to the United States to send troops to the nation to help protect critical infrastructure after Moise's assassination, reported the New York Times.

According to The Pentagon on Friday evening, "The Haitian government has requested security and investigative assistance, and we remain in regular contact with Haitian officials to discuss how the United States can assist," reported Military.

"Professional Killers"

Haitian authorities reported that three burned-out cars were owned by members of the armed group who killed Moise on Wednesday morning. The armed group were labeled as "professional killers." They are comprised of over two dozens of people, including two American citizens and retired members of the Colombian military.

Solages and another American citizen, Joseph Vincent, 55, have been taken into custody in association with the assassination. They have reportedly stated that they were not in the room when Moïse was killed and merely served as translators for the hit squad. When authorities presented 17 handcuffed suspects, the pair was brought before journalists at a press conference on Thursday.

Haitian officials reached out to the UN regarding sending peacekeeping forces. On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that the US will transport federal law enforcement officers to help in the probing.

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