The event celebrating the Summer Solstice was canceled because of COVID-19 restrictions. The event is known for droves of people going to Stonehenge on what marks the longest day in a year.

New ancients celebrate the occasion

Gathering at the ancient monument is like a festival for many, just be at the dolmens and be part of ancient history, reported the Mirror UK.

Police informed that one of the routes, Ridgeway, was shut down, when cars were going that way, cited the Sun UK.

Pictures were taken of a crowd that was amassing at the circle of the prehistoric stone. Others had their hands in the air. A woman was looking up into the sky, one more clambered and stood on one of the dolmens, and another reveler was sitting quietly with eyes closed.

People tried to reach Stonehenge

Lots of people were dressed warmly to greet the early sunrise. While one of the goers was climbing over the fence to reach the site of the monument, they were monitored by police who were nearby.

English Heritage stopped a live feed during the Summers Solstice when people refused to listen to officials who told the public not to go, noted Spygists.

The absence of a live feed from the neolithic Wiltshire structure during sunrise at 4.52 a.m. is due to safety considerations, mentioned the organization. Soon after, the feed was up at 5 a.m., though the skies were cloudy. Summer Solstice festivalgoers wanted to see the sunrise live.

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"People who did not follow the ban should have followed, because of it there was a delay that was not desired." sponsor Ed Shires said, taking responsibility for the outage.

He added it was untoward that it had to happen in these situations, because the safety of the staff is important, which caused the interruption of the sunrise feed.

Shires said that the police have already sent people home and that the situation was under control. Usually, there would be 7,000 to 30,000 people witnessing the sunrise on this day.

Roadblock at Avebury

After the blocking of Ridgeway, another path was officially closed down. The road, which led to the Avebury Circle, was closed to prevent other cars from going by that route.

A post informed that the decision is not easy to close access to Ridgeway which is close to Avebury, but it was necessary to keep public safety and keep the close-by farmland pristine.

A large number of people were trying to go to Stonehenge despite the blocking of roads and warning against the pandemic. However, some people got through and the situation had to be put under control.

Summer Solstice festivalgoers were deterred by neither the prohibition nor the police who needed to bring control during the event, as it is one of the most awaited events of the year.

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