Those living in East Africa, Burundi, are living in fear that a huge croc is lying in ambush. Known to be a man-eater, this notorious reptile has evaded capture.

Baddest croc in East Africa

Unverified reports indicate that people are saying that this crocodile has killed 300 people, noted Indy 500. This crocodile's length is estimated at six meters, which is longer than a car by a whopping 18 feet. Even experienced hunters are terrified of Gustavs since its presence is linked to human disappearances. Its whereabouts are currently unknown. 

Researchers have been interested in studying the giant reptile for years. One story tells that hunters have shot Gustave three times while they were hunting and trying to catch the legendary croc, but he survived the attempt and has been left scarred.

It was the French hunter, Patrice Faye, that gave the German name to the crocodile. He says that it has lived in Burundi for many years. Estimates place its age anywhere from 60 to 100 years. Attempts to catch the super croc has been done so the massive man-eating crocodile can be studied by scientists.

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On the hunt 

In 2002, the Faye constructed a long trap that needed to be hauled by 40 men, though it failed to capture Gustave. "We lowered the trap in the Ruzizi (a river in Central Africa), placed bait within, then stayed the whole evening on the river with cams," the Frenchman remarked to BBC at the time. He added that the croc was never caught because it toyed outside the cage, mocking them, and just went away leaving the humans empty-handed.

Faye said the monster crocodile is huge, and probably about three times the size of other crocodiles in Burundi. He added that the animal's size made it slower on a hunt compared to smaller crocs. Crocodiles are known to eat fish and small mammals. Gustav prefers larger and slow-moving prey when hunting because they are easier to catch. It seems that humans are top on the croc's preferred menu.

In "Capturing the Killer Croc" a documentary shown in 2014, Faye was shown getting frustrated by the legendary Gustav as it evaded capture. Spending three months on an expedition, Faye assumed that 17 people have been snacked on by the crocodile. Next, he calculated that over the past 20 years, the crocodile has eaten more than 300 people. Gustave is behind multiple crocodile attacks. Faye said whether it's alive or not, this huge predator is legendary.

Crocodiles can go for months without feeding before picking new prey. The massive man-eating crocodile utilizes its tail to capture its human prey. It drowns its prey until they die and then rips them apart later. Gustav is suspected of being the culprit behind the death of a Russian embassy employee who drowned while swimming in the sea, mentioned Hyperaxion.

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