According to the Ministry of National Defense, another daily intrusion by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has marked a new wave of flights that probe the defenses of the island enclave.

ROC air force never sleeps

Reports of the recent intrusion have revealed that the PLAAF sent its top-line SU-30 fighter, one of the better soviet aircraft. Taiwan planes drove away from the jets while ground control broadcasted warnings to the intruders at 12:30 p.m.

The Defense Ministry revealed that they know about the Chinese violating the waters and airspace surrounding Taiwan, stating that Republic of China (ROC) will defend the island at all costs, reported the Taipei Times

Most of the time, whenever there is a sortie by the PLAAF, not all information is given, especially the exact number of planes in the ADIZ or the exact time they are detected. 

Taipei has voiced the gravity of its predicament, as the PLAAF increased its testing of the Taiwanese defenses in different areas of the contested archipelago of the Taiwan Strait. Even during the pandemic there is no reprieve for the Taiwanese air force, as the China air force is stepping up it flights to intimidate the island.

When asked about the ADIZ intrusions by Sino Air Force, the Chinese officials said the exercises were business as usual and ignored the protests of ROC.

As an answer to an uptick of activity in Beijing, Chinese fighters violated the Air Defense Identification Zone in the contested straits, in the water or above near Taiwan. 

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As noted by Commander, US Pacific Fleet, US naval command mentioned that freedom of navigation operations will be done like the crossing of the USS Curtis Wilbur last May 20, 2021. 

Air radar tracking sites, like Golf9 and AirNav RadarBox, posted that a US C-40A Clipper transport plane flew over Taiwanese airspace said the Defence Ministry but gave no other details,

One statement said the US planes approached Taiwan airspace and made a contact by proper protocols as it transited and did not land at any airports in the country.

The path taken by the US Navy transport jet in a southerly direction above Taiwan's west coast is monitored by Golf9's Twitter feed and AirNav RadarBox's Web site one day ago. Okinawa, Japan, is the origin of the plane.

 It was noticed the US Navy plane did not fly outside the island boundaries or around the airspace in the island enclave, instead it flew into the interior that was not the usual flight path. 

Update June 16

Twenty-eight Chinese military planes invaded Taiwan's ADIZ, which is the largest number since last year, which also has become a concern for Taiwan's Ministry of Defense, noted CNN.

The PLAAF sent up a squadron of fighters, bombers, anti-submarine and early warning planes that exceeded the twenty-five planes of the other group of Chinese aircraft tracked on April 12.

Beijing says that the island enclave is part of China and refuses to accept the One-China policy. For seventy years, the people of Taiwan have not accepted that China has hegemony over them.

Whenever Chinese fighters violate the Air Defense Identification Zone of Taiwan, an alarm is raised as it might be the real invasion.

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