Last Thursday, Eric Adams made public the records of official vehicles he used as the Brooklyn borough president to dispel any doubts over the residency controversy surrounding him.

A published article started it all?

Adams sought to clarify the issue after Politico had an article about his properties, which later led to questions if he owns property in New York City. His political rivaltook advantage of the story and pointed out the other property Adams owns is in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Fort Lee, N.J, where he lives with his partner, Tracey Collins, reported NY Daily News.

Last Wednesday, Adams received reporters at a basement apartment in his Bed-Stuyvesant townhouse, which he has owned for over 20 years to debunk claims that suggested he resides across state lines. 

Andrew Yang, another mayor aspirant, said on Thursday that his rival was living in New Jersey for 20. Suggesting there is a misrepresentation, he wants proof via E-ZPass records of personal and official car used by Adams. Yang is trailing in polls taken recently. 

Still not convinced

Eric Adams NYC candidate for mayor wants to show he was not hiding anything, so his rival was invited to the Borough Hall to see the records as an answer to the allegations but did not give a direct answer to the invitation to see records in person. 

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Borough Hall released the records on Thursday that indicate that official vehicles were used for seven excursions to New Jersey in a year, and only one of those trips happened this calendar year.

Despite this, Yang, who has been criticized for staying much of the outbreak at a second home upstate, continues to insist that Adams does not reside in Brooklyn.

Pointed out that Adams told CNN on Wednesday night that his home is on Lafayette Place, not Lafayette Ave. Adams rival stated, noted by Times News Express," The tour of his quote-unquote residence raised more questions than answers." He added, "He did not even get his address accurately. Examine that for a while. He cannot even identify the city where he supposedly lives."

Adams' spokesman Evan Thies said Adams misspoke when he said Lafayette Place, instead of Avenue.

When pressed when he would go to Borough Hall to examine the E-ZPass records, Yang refused and instead pressed on with his accusations, saying Adams also should release records on private automobiles.

On Thursday morning, Mayor de Blasio supported Adams, stating he has known him for a long time. Adam retaliated to Yang's criticism with criticism of his own. Adams disregarded the claims of his residency for the second day in a row. Instead criticized Yang for leaving the city during the pandemic. 

Eric Adams NYC candidate for mayor stated he "likely" rode the bus three or four times to New Jersey since liked taking public transportation and was visiting his partner during these trips.

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