Amidst the Fourth of July celebrations, the defunding of NYPD has caused a blood bath that left 9 killed and 41 injured. The gun violence has reached a deadly crescendo as criminals roam the streets of New York.

The defunding of the police has grossly affected law and order. NYC has turned into something of a wild west as authorities are having a tough time arresting and putting criminals behind bars, according to NY Daily News.

Recently, the series of chaotic events and turmoil has brought NYC to its knees. One unfortunate turn of the events is the shocking wave of violence that has struck the citizens. Here are some of the victims who were either killed or injured during the crime spree in NYC. This just goes to show that the police defunding has also affected the city's peace and order.

Victims of chaotic events in New York

Last Sunday night, Jose Cepeda, 20, was shot in the chest by an unknown gunman in East New York, Brooklyn. He had an argument earlier and later that night, he ended up dead. He never had a chance to reach the hospital alive and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The cop unions are pointing the finger at Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Corey Johnson for defunding $1 BN from NYPD all because of the people's demand to defund the police, according to NPR.

Just last year, nine people were shot, one died, with two men slashed after Fourth of July fireworks.

According to the Police Benevolent Association, the NYPD's largest union said that armed criminals have no fear of what happens next. They also stressed the incompetence of the mayor, and urged all elected officials to give an answer to the violence, as cited in Herald Mail Media.

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Ironically, a city hall spokesperson said that keeping New Yorkers safe and healthy is their topmost priority. The problem is now dealing with all the problem spots in NYC.

Johnson added that a safe city is what everybody wants and real change can be affected. Furthermore, he added that the real cause of the violence must be found instead of merely depending on the police to get thing done.

The coronavirus lockdown has also affected the surge of violent crimes in NY. The city was shut down mid-March due to the surge of COVID-19 cases.

Last June, NYC witnessed a blood bath with 250 shot in just only in 28 days, according to NYPD's report. This was a large jump from the 97 shootings last year, and one of the most violent streaks ever recorded since 1996 based on NYPD stats. More murders have gone up by 23% in 2020 that includes 176 killing, in comparison to 143 last year.

Other cases of murders

A 23-year old was shot dead near W. 116th St. near Morningside Park, about 2:40 am. He got to the hospital but died afterwards. In another case, a 19-year old man got it in the chest and another 27-year old man was hit in the left shoulder at 4:20 am. It was a ruckus on E. 39th St. near Avenue D in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Only the older one was saved but the teen died from the gunshot. The older man was already stable hours later. Meanwhile, NYPD Assistant Chief Kathleen O'Reilly remarked all the violence happening as a disgrace. 

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