The duo was on a train with a football fan who was subjected to a practical joke that turned deadly.

Kebab can be lethal?

The convicted are identified as Nicole Cavin, 24, and David Noble, 34, who force-fed a sleeping man as a prank. Their victim is David Clark, 56. The incident happened in March 2019, reported The Sun.

Both siblings were apprehended by the police and were given two weeks in court to prove their innocence. By the end of the trial, they were sentenced to six years in jail as they were convicted of manslaughter. The court was informed that Clark collapsed on the train going home after he had just attended a football match between Lancaster FC and Farsley Celtic.

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) tried to revive the fallen man. When they checked him, a kebab as big as a golf ball was stuck in his trachea or windpipe. It blocked his breathing and caused choking as well, the jurors were informed in a court session.

Choke victim

Clark, who was married, was riding the Northern service train after seeing the soccer match with his friend, Jon Waite. Record says that he drunk ten pints of brew while watching the sporting event, said the prosecutors. He was fed a golf ball-sized kebab while asleep that caused his choking, cited the New York Daily News.

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Cavin, who was on the same train, said knew the victim for five years He went to Preston after heading to Blackpool. Cavin and Nicole sat with the older man. When Clark fell asleep the siblings pushed the meat in the man's mouth, according to Noble, who had seen Clark choke a month ago at the pub.

At exactly 9:30 at night, both police and paramedics were summoned to the Silverdale rail station after the victim dropped to the floor on the train. Efforts to save him failed and died at 10:10 am the next day. When the body was checked by the coroner, he found out the man choked to death.

Noble who lived at Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, got three years and three months of jail time while Cavin from Flookburgh, Cumbria, got a square three years in prison.

"David was a loving husband, father, brother, and friend, and a popular person in the community,", said the deceased family in a statement released by police. With regret they added, his death leaves a void.

The grieving family asked for time to reflect and privacy, and come to terms with the untimely passing of the family's patriarch. 

Detective chief inspector Steve May stated, noted ITV," This is a complicated court case, and I admire the fortitude of the witnesses who stepped forward provided statements, and those who testified under oath in court." He added, "Throughout the case, the family of the victims handled things well, and they got justice done."

The sibling duo force-fed a golf ball-sized kebab on the victim, David Clark which ended in their conviction.

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